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Remote Learning During School Closure


Summer Two 2020

Home/School Learning Expectations


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the beginning of the second half of Summer term. I hope you all managed to have a restful half term. As you are aware, this half term home learning and in school learning for those children attending in Reception, Year One, Keyworker group and Year 6 will be focused on a whole school federation geography project.


For each week of this half term, a weekly overview for Owl Class will continue to be placed onto our class page of the school website which details the home school learning tasks for the week. To ensure a whole class approach to learning, any children who are attending school in Year 6 will also be following the same tasks as stated on the weekly overview on each specific day they attend school too.


Due to our geography project being the main focus of learning this half term, the weekly overview looks different to last half term in that the children will not always be given specific humanities, RE, Art and Music tasks each week. Instead, the children will be set learning tasks all related to their project topic which follows a sequence and incorporates all aspects of the curriculum as best possible in a cross curricular format. However, at times the children will be set specific lessons relating to curriculum subjects where they cannot be linked to our geography project. Please see the curriculum overview for this half term for more information.


Each class across the federation has chosen a specific country to study as the focus of a new geography project. Our country of interest in Owl Class is Germany, which closely links into and follows on from our class topic of World War Two last half term. As well as project work tasks set on a weekly basis, maths and science (core subjects) and spelling, punctuation and grammar tasks will also be set on each weekly overview to continue children’s progression in these subjects also. English tasks will be delivered in a cross curricular manner through project work.


Expectations of project work


Since home learning began in March, I have been really impressed with the effort, dedication and detail which has gone into home learning tasks completed by the children.  As always, I expect this to continue and I have the same high expectations of the children’s work this half term and expect this project to take the children the remainder of the Summer term to complete. It is important to stress that this project should not be completed in a week; in order to achieve the best detail, presentation and in-depth knowledge and understanding of our chosen country Germany and curriculum learning, this project will take the children the rest of this half term to complete.


I am aware that many children have been using their home learning books given to them at home to record their work in. I would like the children to continue to work in these books (or something similar if the children have been using their own work book) to complete and record any maths, SPAG and Science tasks.

The children may also continue to use these books to record their project work too. However, in order to make this project look and be as creative as possible, I would like the children to present their project in a booklet format (or brochure). The resources used to create this booklet are to each families choice but card is always a great paper resource to use to ensure the robustness of a booklet format. The weekly overview tasks related to the children’s project will follow a sequential format. For example, the first week will begin by asking the children to design a front cover for their booklet and introduce the location of Germany, encompassing geography skills. Please see the first weekly overview for full details. I would recommend that the booklet is at least size A4. This project is not only an opportunity for the children to exert their creativity, but to also enjoy cross curricular learning!



As mentioned in our school letter to parents and carers on Friday 22nd May which explained the partial re opening of school, communication from myself with regards to emails responses to parents and children via email and DB Primary will be delayed due to being in school and managing a small class of children. Therefore, I kindly ask families to be aware of this and subsequently be patient when awaiting a response from myself. I will endeavour to respond to emails as soon as I possibly can but this may take slightly longer than usual. Please continue to send in examples of your child’s project, maths and science work so I am able to see the children’s creations provide feedback and post these on the school website!

 I will continue to be available via email between 9-3.15pm Monday to Friday.


Year 6 Children attending school

For those children attending school, any project work completed independently by children at school will be sent home with the children at the end of each day for them to continue with at home if unfinished at the end of the school day as well as them to add to the building of their booklet at home. I kindly ask that no project work is brought in from home and instead, the children keep all project work, build and create their booklets at home. This is not to be done in school.

The children will also be provided with a workbook to use in class, exactly the same as the ones provided for home learning. These books will be given to the children as a resource for completing any maths and SPAG activities as stated on the weekly overview (depending on which days your child has been allocated to attend school) and kept in school for the remainder of the week until they return the following week to decrease transmissions between home and school. Loose paper will be provided for children to complete project work on so they are able to take this home at the end of the school day.

Please refer to the letter sent out on Friday 22nd May regarding any other partial re opening of school information.


I look forward to welcoming those children returning to school on Tuesday 2nd June and I look forward to providing continual support to families throughout the home learning period this half term.


Best wishes to you all, 

Miss Calder




Curriculum Overview Summer Term 2

Curriculum Overview Summer Term 2 1
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