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Remote Learning in the Event of School or Bubble Closure

Summer Term - Second Half


At first, during the second half of the summer term, which begins on Tuesday 2nd June, the class will be split into two groups or 'bubbles'. Bubble A will be able to come into school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Bubble B will be able to come into school on Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, the school will be closed to classes and I will spend time supporting remote learning.


On days when your group is not in schools, there will be remote learning tasks available for you to work on. These will not be the same as last term, when they were very detailed and created/written by me. Instead, you will be directed towards other sites, especially BBC Bitesize and the Oak Academy. In addition there will be work based around our whole school project, which for our class will be a focus on China, its history, geography, culture and art.


For children who are not in school, I will use Wednesdays to focus on feedback and looking at remote learning work. In addition, I will check for children's e-mails every day after school. However, most of my time as a teacher will be spent in the classroom on every day except Wednesday. Therefore I will not expect you to record remote learning on DB Primary most of the time.


The daily timetable is now being used again. Please look below for the timetable for the current day.

Please visit our VE Day pages for activities and lessons

for Thursday 7th May, in preparation for the VE Day 75th

anniversary celebrations on Friday 8th May 2020.


Lime Class Blog

For updates, please visit the class blog.

DB Primary


Please log in at DB Primary regularly.

This will be where much of your work will be completed. 



Lime Class Summer Term Overview - Context for Learning: VE 75

Accessing DB Primary


I will use DB Primary a lot. It gives us a chance to work together, share ideas and communicate. You can visit DB Primary here:

DB Primary Link

We have a brand new home page to work on. What should we put on it? You can have a say on how this website (and the school website) is developed while we are remotely learning? 


In addition to the Lime Class homepage, there is also a new community called 'Remote Learning at LHS and HBO'. Everyone across the Federation (all children at LHS and all children at our partner school, St. Mary's Hatfield Broad Oak) can access this page. There are a couple of forums and a blog there already for you to contribute to.

Remote Homepage Image - DB Primary

Updates (please see timed/dated entries below for most recent updates):


I am your teacher and am here to set you work, support and help you, and give you feedback and advice. I will have my laptop on, with my e-mail, the school website and DB Primary running each day between 9:00 and 15:15. I will take a two or three breaks during the day, but otherwise I will try to respond to any queries about teaching and learning as soon as possible. You should take breaks as well. It is important to exercise bodies as well as minds.


If I don't get back to you quickly, it will be because either the websites are slow or there are many other messages for me to deal with first. I am monitoring and managing more than 200 accounts on DB Primary, setting the class work and aiming to respond to anyone who messages me. I am very lucky to be in a position to do this from home, but it might mean I take a while to get back to you. You still matter. After 15:15 I won't be able to answer messages, but I will deal with them as soon as I can in the morning.


Please support, be kind and look after your parents and families. School life might be strange for us, but one of our duties and responsibilities is to look after others. This starts at home. Every day, think how you might do something kind or helpful. Small acts of kindness add up and make a very big difference. You might have family members who have to work and also have to look after children. You might have family members who want to work and can't. Whatever the situation, it will be so much easier if we are kind, patient and understanding of each other. In times like this, be the person who shines. Be the person who sets the example. Be proud of yourself.


08:55, Monday 30th March

Welcome to week two of remote learning. I aim to update the page websites today to bring you music and times tables links as well as a new blog to make it easier to update things.


Please think about how you can stay physically active while at home. Many of you have been using Joe Wicks' workouts (see each video in the PE section of the remote learning page - updated daily). Mr. Motivator is also making a comeback today at 10:00 on BBC One. Both instructors will give you a fun routine to do at home. Each is different, with Mr. Motivator being familiar to parents and older people in your house. He uses music, whereas Joe Wicks doesn't (but you might add your own music). If you have family members who join in with you, Mr. Motivator is likely to do routines that have less impact on the knees (there's a lot of jumping with Joe Wicks!)


Please also look for opportunities to be active in different ways. What jobs can you help out with in the house? How can you make a game of this? Extra points for those of you have been active and helpful in creative ways - I have already handed out points on DB Primary for chopping firewood at home!


10:25, Friday 27th March

We are on our last day of the first week of remote learning - and into Day 4 of lockdown. Thank you to everyone who has been working, both where I can see (online) and where I can't (offline). As ever, the most important thing is your health and wellbeing. I hope you are looking after yourselves and your families. I hope you are taking exercise - either your once-a-day exercise out of the house, or exercise inside or in the garden, or both. I hope you are balancing work, play and relaxation. I hope you are supporting your family in this time.


I had planned by the end of this week to get work on for the other four projects up on this website to give you as much choice as possible. The amount of work required to manage the websites, give feedback and set up other tasks is much greater than I anticipated so I won't have the other topics up just yet. If anyone cannot find enough work to do from the various lists for online and offline work, please e-mail me.


I am really interested to know what people are doing for exercise and in place of PE. Several of you have told me you are following Joe Wicks. I have added these daily PE sessions to this website should you want to take part. Mr. Motivator - well before your time children! - is even making a comeback. He was a hit in the 90s. He has a sunny, cheerful approach to exercise. Please let me know how you are exercising and staying active during the lockdown.


14:35, Thursday 26th March

I have added a community to DB Primary, called Edith's Wartime Scrapbook. You can access it from your communities list. You will be able to find all the songs and the lyrics to the musical we were working towards there. I am also working on getting up remote learning music for you, which will hopefully be ready by next week.


If you have completed tasks on DB Primary, I have been giving you assessment feedback. If you have completed tasks and my assessments haven't appeared yet, please let me know.


We are nearly at the end of our first week in 'lockdown'. Most important of all is to look after yourself and those you love. It can be hard being stuck inside and not following your usual routines. Look for positive things and share smiles when you can with those around you. Look for ways to work and ways to relax. Make sure you get plenty of exercise too. 


15:20, Wednesday 25th March

Thank you for those children and parents who have been in touch today, via e-mail or DB Primary. Thank you also to those of you have been working on the tasks on DB Primary - there are seven of you so far doing that. Twenty-four of you have been working on IXL today. 


I have added tasks to DB Primary, themed around Great Britons - including Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare and Roald Dahl. Please visit your homepage to view these. If you can, please use DB Primary. It will allow us to communicate well. 


11:00, Wednesday 25th March

I hope you and your families are all well.


I am working on adding more tasks to DB Primary today. Thank you to those of you who have been working on the perimeter questions (if you have been able to access it). Five of you have started or finished these. One of you has even gone on to work on the area question. Don't worry if you get these wrong - they do not teach you how to do them. These tasks are designed to be repeated three or four times to build up your skills.


If you want help, please put in a request for me to explain things. If you are a child in the class, you are very welcome to use the DB Primary e-mail. I have sent you all a message to make it simple for you to do this. Simply reply to my message.


I have also started a new gallery for pictures and other art work you create during remote learning. So far, there are three pictures there - Max's camera, Freddie's dog and Harvey's World War II truck. If you send me work, I will add it. You can view the new gallery by going to the class homepage (not the remote learning page), scrolling down and selecting the paint palette icon.


14:40, Tuesday 24th March

The 'Computing' section below now has links and instructions for using This is a site we have used in the class and one in which I can track progress. If children can't remember usernames and passwords, please feel free to e-mail me.


13:10, Tuesday 24th March

I have created and added a guide to using 'Activities' and the 'Learning Library' on DB Primary. This will give access to maths and English live games. It will also give you access to activities for Computing, Maths, English, Science, History, RE, Literature, Famous People and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Please visit the 'DB Primary' link below for instructions.


12:25, Tuesday 24th March

These are the things I hope to have up by the end of the day. I will move between these tasks, answering DB Primary and e-mail queries, and managing DB Primary - depending on which website is the least slow at any given time!


Currently, I am working on putting more information about how to use DB Primary and the activities and games available there on this site. The link below doesn't have any content yet, but I have to create it before working on the page. 


I am also producing some Computing work for you to access, through Some of you have been using already - well done! I will link to this through the Computing icon lower on this page.


I am also working on feedback for section Z.4 of the maths on IXL. I will upload this when ready. There is a partial upload already (see the maths section below) but it is incomplete. I was testing the site by uploading this. At the moment it explains acute, obtuse and right triangles.


10:10, Tuesday 24th March

I hope everyone is well and looking after each other. I have tidied up some of the information about which subjects to work on, so expectations are clear. I also encourage everyone who can to go to DB Primary, get involved in the forums and see the tasks I have set. I have put maths tasks in that overlap a little with the 2D shape section of IXL (Z.1 to Z.11) and other sections that you will touch on. 


Thank you everyone who is able to use IXL and is doing so. As I write this, 20 out of 30 of your are actively using IXL. Well done. One of you has let me know what you have been doing and pointed out areas that were harder. When I can, I will create some teaching guidance for these areas and post it on the website so everyone can make use of it. 


This is the second of two weeks for which I was 'signed off' by the doctor, but I intend working from 9:00 to 15:15 each day. Apologies if this slows me down at all. I will get work up a bit at a time. I will not put too many links to free, interactive sites. I will look at content carefully first. There is plenty of maths to be getting on with and plenty of English SPaG. There is also project work for one out of four projects. I aim to get up science soon, as well as having all four projects available by the end of the week. Other subjects might come next week, depending on how much time I spend giving feedback.


15:15, Monday 23rd March

I hope you are all doing well. There is now information for one of the four projects I am setting (Great Britain and British Values) which can be reached by the link below (Union Jack/Union Flag icon). There is enough to get started. The offline work is also available following the satchel link below. This will need updating in the near future. A few children have started to use DB Primary. It worked better towards the end of the day today, after constantly crashing this morning. It would be very useful if children used DB Primary if possible, then I can give feedback. I was able to watch children use IXL today. With DB Primary I can give positive feedback and support. 


11:50, Monday 23rd March

English IXL and work is now available (see below). I am also uploading 'offline' remote learning guidance for those of you for whom the internet is slow. It is incomplete but gives you a starting point. See below for this (once it uploads).


8:30, Monday 23rd March

I have put up maths information (see the link below) and some English. I hope to have more up by 11:00.


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