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Little Hallingbury


Remote learning during self-isolation (not as part of a closed bubble)

If your child is self-isolating but not as part of a closed bubble, please access work via the following websites:



Week Beg: 28th June-2nd July 2021


As many children are self isolating this week,  I thought you may like  a brief overview of the work we have been working on in class this week and next and a few examples activities you may like to complete at home. This is not compulsory but just in case you had a few spare minutes and wanted to complete a little work at home.


Mrs Nicholson smiley



In school this week we have been focusing on 'Position and Direction' in maths.  We have all completed practical work to understand the concept of direction, including, quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turns and full times.  We have used objects to demonstrate and understand this and investigated which way themselves or an object would end up when turned! We have also talked about left and right as well as forwards and backwards. At the end of this week and beginning of next we will be moving onto 'Money' and will be working on recognising coins and counting money. 


Please see below some of the activities you might like to complete at home related to these topics.




We have focused on the story 'We are going on a lion hunt'.  we retold the story as a 'talk for writing' and drew pictures and words to help us to remember the story.  We have also created sensory stories using grass, mud, different types of paper etc to either retell the story or change the story to create our own adventure based on the story.  We will be writing this version in full after completing all these tasks.  Maybe you could make your own sensory story and write your own version of this story or your own story.




We have continued to focus on:


Reception - Phase 3 /phase 4 (See below) Focus on recall of the digraphs, reading words and sentences with the digraphs, e.g. ai - rain.  Writing words and sentences with the digraphs and tricky words in, e.g. I sat in the rain. Focus on what makes a sentence and using capital letters and full stops, spaces between words and spelling words phonetically and tricky words correctly.  We also play phonics games as part of our lesson.


Year 1 - Phase 5/Introduction to phase 6.  As above using phase 5 words, discussing phonics families, e.g. ai and ay are both in the same phonics family as they make the same sound; ea, ee and ey . etc.  Phase 6 - Focus on words ending in, ed and ing, e.g. singing, raining, jumped etc.  Incorporating words in a sentence and making interesting sentences using describing words too.   


Please see below for examples and activities.

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