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Little Hallingbury



It's been so hot, so let's investigate how to make ice cream!

Summer 2 Week 4 - What can we find out about babies? Discuss the questions included below.

Summer 2 - Week 3

Our topic this week is 'What do Babies Need?' Watch the power point called  'Looking after Baby' and then Yr 1s complete Challenge 1 and Yr 2s complete Challenge 3 tasks.

In Traditional Tales often Fizzy Potions were made.

For computing tasks, Mrs Manning has made some suggestions on DB Primary Ash Forum.

Make a bouncy ball out of an egg!

Here's an interesting experiment that helps to demonstrate how washing your hands may help to get rid of many germs.

One of our tasks this half term is to write either a story or a fact file as an e-book.  Some of you may have used the format before Easter. Use the template to type your work onto and include some photos, or photos of your own drawings to illustrate your work.
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