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Little Hallingbury



In Science, this term we have been learning about our amazing body and how plants grow.


Some activites you might like to try:

  • keep a nutrition diary (you can use the template attached) or record your diary in your green book.
  • label a skeleton and learn the names of the bones in your body.
  • play a roll and draw game with a member of your family - labelling a plant.
  • design and create a way to show the life cycle of a plant.


We have also dissected plants and have started to grow plants from seed in the classroom.  You can continue this experiment at home if you wish.  I know some of you have taken home seeds and your planting pots.  So please share with the class, pictures as they grow (you can use DB Primary).


Could you record each stage of growth in a drawing and label them?


STEM have some great easy science starters that you could try at home.  


Share your results and remember to write up your findings using scientific language.  Guides to help are below.



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