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Little Hallingbury


Stars of the Week

Across the week you have followed the Secrets of Success. Well done!

‘Stars of the week’ are selected by teachers for children who have demonstrated one or more of the ‘Secrets of Success’ in the work they have accomplished over the past week.


For the week ending 6th May 2021:


Freddie - For being a fantastic member of Pine Class.

Arabella - For super effort in phonics and blending words.

Sophie - For excellent work on finding equal amounts.

Darcy O - For always being helpful and considerate of others.



Chloe - for showing resilience when learning a new skill in tennis

Josh - for working well and showing empathy with his partner in tennis 



Darcey  -  for using a good range of expanded noun phrases in her character description writing.

Alex - for using a good range of expanded noun phrases in his character description writing.

Freddie  - for his exceptionally well-written character description,, displaying a good range of fronted adverbials and paragraphing.



Franklin - for working hard and pushing himself in Maths (Multiplying Fractions)


Eva T, Jessica M, Ruth B, Addie, Journey, Mila, and Ellis - for writing an informative non-chronological report on the Yellow Spotted Lizard.



Ella - for her thoughtful reasoning about our Greatest Britons, showing empathy and understanding. 

Florence - for the integrity in all she does, showing empathy as a person and resilience and motivation as a student.

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