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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Stars of the Week and 'Kindness & Friendship Cup'

Across the week you have followed the Secrets of Success. Well done!


‘Stars of the week’ are selected by teachers for children who have demonstrated one or more of the ‘Secrets of Success’ in the work they have accomplished over the past week.


The 'Kindness & Friendship' Cup is awarded by the staff to children who have shown great examples of those values.


Stars of the Week and 'Kindness & Friendship Cup' for week ending 1st July 2022:


Albie - for pushing himself in his Maths work. 

Riley - for working really hard in using the toilet. 

Dolly - for always doing her best and pushing herself in everything she does. 

Heath - for pushing himself in his Newspaper report. 

Lucian - for working hard and pushing himself in his Maths work. 


Zara - concentrating on her art work Florence - working hard on her phonics sounds. Beatrice - helpfulness in class Lily Sue - careful art design. Romeo - showing kindness towards younger children.



To all the Year 5 & 6s who tooked part at The Commonwealth Games Sports event at Carver Barracks - for supporting, encouraging and achieving - they came 1st in the Yr5/6 age group for Tiny Schools!



'Kindness & Friendship Cup' - Grace

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