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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Summer One home learning curriculum overview and activities



Dear parents/carers,


For the first half of the Summer term, a planned overview of home curriculum learning in Owl Class has been created for your convenience. Just as if the children were in school, this curriculum map details the curriculum links to learning the children will be accessing from home, following the activities from the overview.


This curriculum map for the first half of the Summer term has specially been adapted for your use with your child at home and follows the curriculum the children would normally be learning this half term in school as best possible.


Every week a weekly overview, which includes clear teaching sequences and activities linked to the learning outcomes on the curriculum map, will be posted on this class page, with resources to support the children's learning where necessary. I expect children to complete all work in their home school learning books to the best of their ability. If you at home wish to print off any worksheets, that is your choice but is not necessary for the children to complete any learning activity. If any work is printed out, please can it be stuck into the children's home school learning books. Many of the activities - particularly the maths and some of the English activities, come with answer sheets. Please encourage the children to self-mark their work using these answer sheets like they would do at times in school.


The same expectations for the children's work this half term still applies.


It would be lovely to receive more examples of the children's work as move through the first half of the Summer term.


Pieces of work can be scanned in and emailed to me so it can be displayed and celebrated with the school community on our class page of the school website. I remain contactable via email between the hours of

9-3.15pm Monday to Friday (regular school hours).


Best wishes,

Miss Calder



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