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Little Hallingbury


Taking Flight

Welcome to Lime Class, where learning takes flight.


Throughout the year we will be thinking about what it means to fly, both literally and metaphorically. We will explore and develop many skills, building our knowledge base in many areas, both within subjects taught at primary school and beyond.


Taking Flight Ballerina











We will create wire frame sculptures inspired by flight. In the first term we will practise the skills needed for this by creating wireframe poppies for our World War I project.


We will turn a part of the classroom into Airspace 2, named after the hanger in which the fastest ever Concorde is found, in Duxford, which we will visit during the year.



Our art and DT will contribute towards Airspace 2.


Airspace Duxford


We will learn about aerodynamics in science, exploring how flight evolved in animals (biology) as well as exploring how aeroplanes work (physics and engineering). 


We will us the idea of taking flight as a metaphor in English and other subjects, looking towards the future as well as the past and present, thinking how we might take flight on our journey through life and through education.


In history we will learn about the history of aviation, seeing how resilience, creativity and an ability to take risks and learn from failures can help us achieve more than we might think possible.

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