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Little Hallingbury


The Coach and Journeys

Picture 1

The Coach and Dee


Our coach will be provided by Carriageways of Cambridge and driven by Dee Cooper. Dee is our ‘secret weapon’ – the invaluable fifth member of our team. This will be her seventeenth year with us and I know we can rely on her completely. Dee is very friendly and considerate and has helped so many visits run smoothly. She sets a great example in the way she ‘mucks in’ and even offers to help with the catering. The coach is comfortable and we will expect the children to take good care of it. Seatbelts will be worn at all times and checked regularly.


The Journey


Please arrive at the village car park at 8:15. We will be leaving as soon after 8:30 as we reasonably can. Please make sure that children have their luggage fully packed and ready to load. Each child should have a small bag to take on board the coach. This should include a lunch to be taken at one of our stops, a waterproof and anything your child has brought to occupy them self on the coach. I suggest that this bag is the same one used as a day bag during the week, one which will be comfortable to carry when walking in the hills.

       We will stop on Norton Canes service in order to stretch our legs, use the toilets and to have lunch. Before we reach the hostel – if time allows - we will pop down to the shore, before moving on to settle in at our hostel and have dinner.


Coach Journeys (approximate total daily distances):


        If your child tends to get travel sick and you want them to take something for longer journeys, these details might help with planning.


  • Day 1 ~ 240 miles     
  • Day 2 ~ 20-30 miles  
  • Day 3 ~ 30-40 miles
  • Day 4 ~ 30-40 miles
  • Day 5 ~ 240 miles


Return Journey


On the last day we will leave Idwal Cottage after breakfast. It is very hard to give an estimated time of arrival, as a lot will depend on traffic. We are unlikely to be home much before 17:00 and it could easily be quite a bit later. If you wish your number to be added to our text list, I will send text to update you on our estimated time of arrival if it changes. Otherwise, please contact the school office for updates.


Visitors 5 2 7 8