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The Vikings

Hello fellow historians!


My original teaching unit does not include a section on the Vikings.


I think it ought to because they are an important period of European and UK history spanning 500 years during the "Dark Ages" at a similar time as the Anglo-Saxons and before the arrival of the Normans in 1066 (themselves a version of Vikings!)


So I've found and uploaded some resources for you to look at and enjoy so you can learn about the Vikings and in particular their system of laws, crimes and punishments. 


1. PPT

Alas, it is too big to upload on to the class webpage but I have managed to upload it to the forum on the Vikings on DB Primary.  You need to find it, open it and read it.  Pages 1-11 are a recap on the Anglo Saxons and pp12 - 19 are new about the Vikings.


2. SC grid - FYI (for your information)


3. Word doc lists heaps of Vikings resources to check out incl BBC Bitesize and Horrible Histories clips!


4. * and *** chart Anglo-Saxons + Vikings (Ancient) vs Modern Day


Your mission is to choose between a 1 star or 3 star chart (or you can complete both) comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between A. the Anglo-Saxons who we researched last week and the Vikings on the one hand (Ancient) and B. Modern practices. 


Read each statement and ask yourself - is this likely to be an Ancient practice or a Modern practice.  If it is similar to Modern put in the first column.  If it is different to Modern put in the 2nd column.


You will need to find a way to do the chart - print off and complete or write it up in your Green book or somehow copy into a word or other document that you can type into.


Due date: 3pm this Friday 22 May.   


Please let me know if you neeed any help...good luck.


Mr L cool


Early Finishers/ Extra for Experts: make up your own quiz or Kahoot ( re Viking Crimes and Punishments!

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