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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Thursday 28th Jan

Mrs Luxford is covering key worker children at LHS today.   Emails and dbPrimary will be checked at lunchtime and again at 4:00pm.

How to write a riddle - you will need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper whilst watching this lesson.

Maths  Your child needs to work at a level they feel comfortable with, where they are learning what is new for them.  If they are in year three, they might prefer to follow the year 2 curriculum and if they are in year 4 the year 3 work may suit them better.  Feel free to open both and decide together with your child.
Maths year 3 Money
Year 4 Area

Art part 2  Last week you were asked to watch a power point about a shadow puppet theatre.  You were asked to plan and draw puppets that you would like to make for your show.  Today you have some time to draw the actual puppets that you are going to use for your show.  You can make 1,2 or more puppets, it's up to you.  

Once your puppets are made, it would be great if you could show it/them tomorrow morning at the end of our zoom spellings meeting.  Don't worry if it's not finished, it will just be nice to see what everyone has done so far.

Story time: End your day listening to the next chapter of The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney.
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