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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Thursday 4th Feb


Begin your day with 15 minutes reading your chosen book. 

When you have finished, spend 5 minutes on DB Primary, Wrens blog, typing in the name of your chosen reading book.  

Spellings: Spend 10 minutes working on the spellings you find the most difficult, ready for our test tomorrow.

Responding to reading: We have been reading The World According to Humphrey for over a week now.  Today you need to respond to the two questions you will find on your desk top on DB primary.  I'm really looking forward to reading your answers and will respond to them by the end of today.


Mental Health and Well Being - 

Tomorrow we are encouraging you to dress up to express yourselves!  The choice is yours and you cannot go out an buy a costume!!!!!  This is just about being creative with what you have.  You need to spend some time today deciding on your costume.  You may want to make something for it or you may have to speak nicely to a member of your family if you want to borrow something!

When you join the spelling zoom on Friday morning, we will be able to see one another's outfits.

Remember this is for fun, it should not be added stress!

Story time - Listen in to the next chapter of The World According to Humphrey.  You should have read up to chapter 9 by the end of today.


Spare time? - Log onto Mathletics for ten minutes.  

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