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Little Hallingbury


Thursday 4th February

Here is some calm music to listen to as you work today.
Children's Mental Health Week - Can you draw a picture of yourself to express how you feel?

Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activity ideas visit

Children’s Mental Health Week -


Sir Captain Tom lived for 100 years and and throughout his life did so much to help other people.  He achieved a lot in his life to be proud of. 

What have you done that you are proud of? Can you think of one thing to do today that will make you feel proud of yourself? Maybe you have raised money for a good cause? Have learnt a new skill? Are you a kind brother or sister or do you help at home? What do you do that makes you feel proud of yourself? 

Live DB primary forum.....  ‘I am proud of.....’ at 1pm today


I have set up a forum on DB primary titled ‘I am proud of....’ . I would like you (if you can) to log onto DB primary at 1pm today and share what you are proud of.  I will start the forum at 1pm and close it at 1.45pm and will be waiting to respond to your comments.  I would love you to all make a comment so you can share them with all your friends and in this way we can all be proud of each other too.  I look forward to hearing from all of you at 1pm.  


Rest in Peace Sir Captain Tom 

English - Watch the video on 'Verbs'.  Can you take or find five photos of you doing an action, e.g. build, bake, walk, jump, read  etc.  Can you write identify what the verb is and write it next to your photo.  Please send me your work on DB Primary. 

Year 1 - Verbs

Maths - Please join me for a live maths zoom at 10:30AM on 'Tens and Ones'.  Complete the maths follow-up activity below.
Science (OPTIONAL) - 'Investigating Snails'.  Can you read the power point all about snails and complete the activities contained within it. 
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