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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Tuesday 19th Jan

Note for year four children.  Today you have a PE lesson with our sports coaches.  This will be at 1.30 - 2.10pm.

A zoom link will be sent from our office staff. 



Read for 15-20 minutes. Either choose a book from home, Oxford Owl or from Borrowbox (see daily plan for how to get on these).



Download the spellings for the week from the Website (Saved in Spring 1 Current Spellings). Practice these spellings 3 times each.



Today you are going to be planning a fable of your own.

Go through the Planning a Fable PowerPoint and have a notebook and pen with you or the Fable planning sheet.

For each slide stop, and make notes about what you will have for your story.



1.Watch the Animal Skeletons video.

2.Next look at the Types of Skeleton PowerPoint and see if you can work out which type of skeleton the animals have.

3.Sorting Skeleton Types worksheet Or just use some plain paper

Draw an animal for each skeleton type. Write a good thing about this skeleton type.

Y4 Extension: Write something that isn’t good about this skeleton type.

Animal Skeletons Video.mp4

Still image for this video
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