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Little Hallingbury


Tuesday 23rd February


Tuesday 23rd February



Daily zoom lessons from 9-10am. Please complete the tasks from the lesson and upload your work onto your blog on DB Primary.

Please see the activities below for your phonics group.



Today is very exciting as we start our new topic. So I will start, how we start every topic and ask you- what would you like our ‘Lifecycles and Growing’ topic to be about? What specifically would you like to learn about?

What do you know already?

Can you create a poster for our new topic? What pictures can you draw to describe the topic? What key words will you write? I would love to put these posters up in our class as we return to school soon!

I will put all of your ideas together in a mind map to see all of the different ways we can explore our topic and what interests you most.



Today we change from Geography to concentrate on History this half term. This is another introduction to our new topic so I would like to start by asking- ‘What is History?’

What is your History? Can you complete your family tree?

Can you draw a timeline of your life?

Reception please cut out and stick the events on your timeline. You can add more events if you think of any important ones!

Year 1- Please think of your own important life events to put on your timeline, starting when you were born. It could be your first holiday, first tooth you lost, first day at school or even a new brother or sister arriving!


Maths - Please watch the video on 'Comparing heights' and complete the maths follow-up activity.

Maths - Tues 23rd - Year 1

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