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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Tuesday 26th Jan

We will have an extra zoom meeting today as I don’t need to go into school today.

At 10am and 11am today there will be an English lesson,

Year three children at 10am,

Year four at 11am

An email will be sent to parents with the link to access this zoom meeting.



Year four children. Today you have a PE lesson with our sports coaches.  This will be at 1.30 - 2.10pm.

A zoom link will be sent from our office staff. 


Read for 15-20 minutes.


Read a book from home, or sign up to Borrow box with your Essex/ Hertfordshire library card.

Or use Oxford Owl.

login ‘students’

user name: wrenshbo

Password: at.home



Download the spellings for the week from the Website (Saved in Spring 1 Current Spellings)

Practice these spellings 3 times each.


English Zoom today

Learning focus: To verbally describe animals.

Bring a soft toy animal, or a picture/ photo of an animal to today’s zoom lesson and be ready to describe it. (don’t show anyone yet!)

.Helpful phrases

I am…

You can…

I live in…..

I eat…..

I'm bigger than... but smaller than…

I like to…

I am covered in …….

I have … legs

My tail is….


Maths  Your child needs to work at a level they feel comfortable with, where they are learning what is new for them.  If they are in year three, they might prefer to follow the year 2 curriculum and if they are in year 4 the year 3 work may suit them better.  Feel free to open both and decide together with your child.
Maths year 3
Maths year 4


Learning focus: know the function of the skeleton and the names of the different bones.

Join in with the Skeleton Dance

In the dance we hear the common names of the bones but today we are going to learn some of the scientific names and the function of the bones.

Watch Bones -The Dr. Binocs Show. Pause each time he tells you about one of the bones to label it on the Skeleton for labelling.

  • Do you know the names of any other bones you could add?



Make a Skeleton. Print out the skeleton, stick it onto some cardboard (like an old cereal box) and cut out again. and fix the parts together with split pins, blu tak, paper clips or just with glue for a fixed skeleton.

The Skeleton Dance.mp4

Still image for this video

Bones The Dr. Binocs Show.mp4

Still image for this video

Story time: End your day listening to the next chapter of The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney.

Chapter 2: Night Life

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