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Little Hallingbury


Tuesday 2nd February



Tuesday 2nd February


Mental Health Week 

This week we will be thinking about what makes us happy, why we are special, what we are good at and many more themes. Our PSHE Zoom lesson this week will focus on 'What makes you happy?' and I would love you to bring it, wear it or talk about it in the lesson!   


Please choose a different activity each day from our poster on the main page to complete with your family and share it on DB primary.



Daily zoom lessons from 9-10am. Please complete the tasks from the lesson and upload your work onto your blog on DB Primary.

For extra practise please visit-



What are you good at?

Please talk to your adult about what you think you are good at, it could be a skill or a personality trait. Why are you good at it? Could you teach someone how to do it? Can you draw a picture of it and then write about it?


I would like you to write on lined paper using a pencil. Please start on the left hand side of the page and write across the page filling the line before you start the next. Please think about your presentation.



full stops

capital letters

finger spaces

sound talking new words

applying spellings and tricky words

Read your work once you think you have finished.


Can you make it even better? 

Have you used any adjectives to describe it?

Push yourself to write as much as you can.

Can you use cursive writing?


Geography/ Understanding the World

I understand what a cold area of the world is like. Please watch the  PowerPoint below then choose your own topic from home, animals, people and explorers. What facts have you found? Can you record your presentation and upload it to your DB primary blog?




Maths - Please watch the video 'Counting on from 10' and complete the maths follow up work.

Maths - Year 1 - Tuesday 2nd February

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