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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

There will be optional Zooms for maths today.  I will send links for all 3 help sessions to your Db primary email.  There is an explanation of what areas of fractions I will be recapping on the daily timetable.  If you feel you need extra practice with what I am going over in a session, please join me.  

If you have a look at task 3 and feel confident with almost all of it, you can choose to do Task 4 which is an extension task.  The links take you to the NRich maths website where there are reasoning and problem solving tasks.  There is also a solution tab at the side and sometimes prompts to help you.


Session 1 fractions 9:30am - Task 1 is on the slides at the end of the ppt

Session 2 fractions - 10:30am

Session 3 fractions - 11:30am

Visitors 8 4 9 9 5