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Little Hallingbury


Tuesday 2nd March


Tuesday 2nd March



Please see and complete the phonics lessons attached below.



Group 1- Please visit phonics play- sentence substitution and buried treasure phase 3 and 4.

Group 2- Please visit phonics play- sentence substitution, Picnic on Pluto, Dragons Den and buried treasure. Select phase 5.



The Cautious Caterpillar/The very hungry caterpillar.

You are a caterpillar preparing to become a butterfly, how do you feel? Please see the activity below.

Reception- Please select activity sheet 1. Extension- Activity sheet 2.

Phonics Group 1- Please select activity sheet 2. Extension- Activity sheet 3.

Phonics Group 2- Please select activity sheet 3. Extension- Create your own additional bubble.



Introduction to ‘The Great Fire of London.’ Please watch the PowerPoint below and discuss the questions throughout.

Reception- Please use the ‘past and present’ cards attached below to sort the pictures of London into two piles, one from the past and one the present looking at what it is like now. Then choose two cards, one from the present and one from the past, please write a sentence describing how they differ from each other.


Year 1- Please start with the past and present card sorting activity, then use the past and present activity sheet to write and describe the differences in London. Then sequence the timeline images, can you research and write a sentence for each card explaining what was happening at that time in History.


Maths - Watch the video on 'Tens and Ones' and complete the follow-up activity.

Maths - Tuesday - Year 1

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