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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Tuesday 2nd March


Read for 15-20 minutes.


Read a book from home, or sign up to Borrow box with your Essex/ Hertfordshire library card.

Or use Oxford Owl.

login ‘students’

user name: wrenshbo

Password: at.home



Download the spellings for the week from the Website (Saved in Spring  Current Spellings)

Practice these spellings 3 times each.

English- writing

Read through your letter from yesterday. Is there anything you can add?

Use the check list to see if there is anything to improve

  • Spellings
  • Can you add any adjectives (describing words).
  • Capital letters at the beginning of sentences, for names of people and places.
  • Full stops and commas
  • Does it all make sense? Have you missed out any words?

When you have checked and corrected any mistakes, see if you can find some special paper, and copy up your letter carefully in your best handwriting.


DT- Make a card

Make a greetings card to send with your letter (or to another family member or friend).

Look at the video for some ideas of cards to make.

Or you might draw a picture that you think they will like instead.


Go out for a walk with your family to the post box.

5 Easy Greeting Card Ideas.mp4

Still image for this video

Story Time

Finish your day listening to some poems by Michael Rosen.

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