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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Wednesday 10th Feb

We are going on a virtual school trip today!!! 



Before we leave for the trip you will need to prepare your own healthy snack and packed lunch. 

Please remember no fizzy drinks and chocolate on a school trip!

You need to make your own sandwich/roll this is all part of the fun.  Think carefully about how much you will need for the whole morning up to lunch time. 


Who will be your partner? 

We love to spend time with our friends on a school trip.  Why don't you email a friend in Wrens class and ask them to be your partner on the virtual trip.  Use DB Primary to do this.

Remember its just for fun so you could even have more than one partner.

Aim to do this between 10:00am and 10:15am so that you can respond.

We are going to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire 


This tour is packed full with information and questions.  You will learn about giraffes, zebras, flamingos and many more.

As you watch take notes of the interesting facts that you hear.  Pause the video whilst you are doing this so that you don't miss anything.

When the tour is over read your notes through and keep them safe because tomorrow you will write a a pretend diary, imagining that you really visited the zoo and explaining to others what you saw.  

Tomorrow's diary work will be on DB Primary desk top.


After that very exciting morning we have just got enough time to fit in our regular geography zoom this afternoon.  Today we will be talking about which topic you are going to choose and how you are going to make your fact file.  


When the session finishes you have until February 24th to prepare your fact file.  In that lesson on Wednesday 24th we will share our fact files with one another over zoom.


We will be using these clips below to help us.


Story time:

Now you're home again, listen to the next chapter of the world According to Humphrey.

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