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Little Hallingbury


Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning everyone, 

I will be opening the register on DB primary today at 9am.  I am working in school for the rest of this week so there will be no zoom calls but I would still love to see your work on DB primary and will be looking after school.  Please still email me if you have any questions or concerns and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Mrs Nicholson smiley

Maths - Watch the video on 'Counting on and counting back' and complete the follow up activity.

Maths - Reception - Wednesday

English - Watch the handwriting video and complete the activities in the follow-up activity.

Handwriting - Reception

PHSE - My worries - watch the video titled 'I am feeling worried'.  Can you Draw a picture and write a sentence about any worries you have about returning to school or any other worries, alternatively, if you do not have any worries you can draw a picture and write a sentence about something you are looking forward to.  Can you make your own worry monster and put it somewhere safe so you can share any worries you have at home. 

My worries - PHSE

RE - Watch the video on 'The wise man and the foolish man'.  Can you make the stick puppets to support the story and act out the story using the puppets? 


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