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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Wrens – Year 3 and Year 4 2020 -2021

Welcome to our Year 3 & 4 class. 

Wrens are taught by Mrs Gillman and Mrs Luxford and assisted by Mrs Stedman.


Thank you to everyone who has sent in items for the imaginary worlds.  We have made a start and realised that we have no painting aprons.  Apologies for the extra washing. I have suggested to the children that they bring in an old t-shirt which can be worn over uniform for the next stages of our project.



( Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children need to ensure they only use the things that they have brought in).


Remote Learning During School Closure

Any problems during school hours we are available to help.

Monday to Weds morning        

Wednesday to Friday


1. Learning is what we make it.  Begin with a positive attitude and try to make it successful.  If you are stuck email either of us and will will try to help you.

2. We will publish your lessons for each day in the remote learning satchel on this webpage below,  by 8:45 every morning.

    You are expected to work though these activities every day.

3. We need to know that you are accessing learning everyday and we have been asked to keep a register.  If you are having difficulty please let us know.

4. Upload photos of some of your work to DB primary.  On your desk top you have a file called 'my work file' this is the best place for us to see it and make some comments.  Once work is uploaded please rename the file with the date and subject so that it is easy to find. 

5. Behaviour on zoom calls. 

   . Please keep your mircophone on mute unless you are asked to 'unmute.'

   . Please keep your camera still, do not hold the tablet/phone in your hand.

   . Please only use the chat facility when asked to do so.

If a child is unable to stick to these guidelines they may have to be removed from the call.

Topic Overview

Seven Continents Song.mp4

Still image for this video

Five Oceans Song.mp4

Still image for this video

How To Draw A Cartoon Horse.mp4

Still image for this video



We hope that the pictures below give you a sense of what our classroom looks like.

Inside Wrens classroom...

We wrote these prayers back in September on our first day in Wrens class.

This is our finished art work displayed in class.

Ancient Egyptian Art. If you look at the classroom picture above you will see these have now been painted.

Autumn term 1 2020


Online support for the maths curriculum. 

We are currently working on addition and subtraction in class.  Work though all of these tasks before choosing anything else.

If you need more or less of a challenge then move up or down year groups.


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