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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Wrens – Year 4

Welcome to Wrens!


Welcome to our Year 4 class. Mrs Donald is the class teacher, ably assisted by Mrs Stedman, Mrs MacIntosh, Mrs Owen and Mrs King.  We have a positive, caring and nurturing ethos, we believe that everyone can achieve.

Wrens Weekly Roundup – 23 September 2019

This week we have been looking at Japanese haiku poems.  We examined the pattern of three lines with the syllable pattern 5, 7, 5.  We tried hard to make the last line an observation and were particularly impressed with Nancy’s Hamster Haiku.

Pickles the hamster

She is ginger and fluffy.

Adorable pet.

Nancy K

Have a go at making them up at home; it’s harder than it looks.



In our maths lessons we have moved our rounding skills into reasoning and problem-solving.  We have worked through some rather tricky problems and attempted to write clear explanations to justify our reasoning.  Can you think of solutions for the following problem?


When a whole number is rounded to the nearest 100, the answer is 200.

When the same number is rounded to the nearest 10, the answer is 250.

What could the number be?

Is there more than one possibility?



Science Topic

Where does all that food go?

Lesson one: Revise food groups.

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