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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Year 4

Spellings - Practise this weeks spellings three times.


1. Can you think of features that newspapers include? Eg, headlines, pictures.

Have a look at the checklist for any you may have missed.

2. Read the newspaper report: The North Pole news.

3.Underline or circle the newspaper features you can find with a coloured pencil/ highlighter.

4. Check to see if you have found them all using the Powerpoint: The North Pole News - Christmas Newspapers


See if you can find some counters that you can use ( lego bricks, pennies etc). 

Look at the powerpoint: Y4 Lesson Presentation Calculations with 0 and 1 and work your way through each page.

Try the 2 or 3 star version of the activity sheet.




Watch the video and then read through the story below about Rama and Sita. Read on to find out about Rangoli patterns.  Use the Design your own Rangoli Pattern sheet to make your own pattern.


Practise singing the songs from Bethlehem's Buzzing.

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