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The Federation of St Mary's Hatfield

Broad Oak & Little Hallingbury C of E Primary Schools


For each school's Safeguarding Policy please see their separate pages. 


E-Safety Link The internet is an ever-present part of our daily lives. Children growing up today can find themselves spending increasing time in an online world, communicating, exploring and creating. 


The internet provides many benefits and opportunities but also presents ever-changing risks. In order to identify, cope with and minimise risk online, children at Little Hallingbury and St. Mary's are taught e-safety throughout their time at school. E-safety education is designed to equip children with the ability to identify risk and potential harm, and to know how to respond unsuitable content or communication. 


E-safety education, taught both as part of the computing curriculum and embedded into other subjects, also explains and models to children how to behave responsibly and appropriately online, following our Christian and British values.


To find out more, including resources and information to support parents with any E-safety concerns, please click on the icon above or follow the link here or at the bottom of this page.


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