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The Federation of St Mary's Hatfield

Broad Oak & Little Hallingbury C of E Primary Schools

The Daily Mile

Across the Federation, we recognise the importance of being active every day. We are following the Daily Mile initiative to get us all moving. Please following the link below for more information or watch the video link.

Active Essex Daily Mile

Essex Schools get involved in the Daily Mile

The Daily Mile kicked off this week, with the first classes running and walking on Wednesday 24th April. Using a GPS to double-check, we measured the distance around the netball court. 


Pacing Ourselves  

Measuring our Mile

To cover a mile in fifteen minutes, we would have to average one lap every 50 seconds. It is possible to do this with a fast walk. Some of us ran all the way, some of us walked most of the way, while others mixed running and walking. The important thing was that we were all exercising for fifteen minutes. The netball court is a rectangle 30 metres long by 15 metres wide, giving it a perimeter of 90 metres. Because there are 1609 metres in a mile, it would take 17.9 laps of the netball court to travel a mile. We rounded this up to eighteen laps.





Introducing The Daily Mile at LHS

Introducing the Daily Mile at St Mary's

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