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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Wondering Question

The question we are pondering this week is:

How else do Christians know Jesus is alive?


Previous questions we have pondered:

I wonder what is special about me?

I wonder how I can share the love of Jesus with others?

I wonder what the work is that needs to be done on earth

I wonder how I can show Easter jubilations?

I wonder what I have to lay at the feet of Jesus?

What does it mean to live rejoicing every day?

How can we lift the name of the Lord high?

I wonder whether I would recognise Jesus if I met him on the road?

I wonder how I would have felt if I had found the tomb empty?

I wonder why we call Good Friday 'Good'?

I wonder how I would feel if a teacher washed my feet?

I wonder what I could do in Lent to help me grow closer to Jesus?

I wonder how the leper felt when his skin was cleared up?

I wonder what Mary treasured in her heart?

I wonder why Jesus wanted to go to the Temple?

I wonder why John didn't want to baptise Jesus at first?

I wonder what is the best thing you could give to Jesus?

I wonder if I need to change?

I wonder if you have an important message for anyone?

I wonder how long I can keep waiting for something I really want?

I wonder what it is like to be imprisoned for something you haven't done?

I wonder how I would know if God were speaking to me? 

I wonder if I need to make peace with anyone?

I wonder how I could become a saint?

I wonder who, apart from your mum, is like a mum to you?

I wonder how a rainbow makes you feel?

I wonder what you would like to wash away forever?

I wonder why it is sometimes hard to do as you are told?

I wonder what is the most impressive natural thing you've ever seen?

I wonder what makes you feel special in the world?

I wonder which thing in the world you like the best?


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