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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Stars of the Week, House Points and 'Kindness & Friendship' Cups

Across the week you have followed the Secrets of Success. Well done!


‘Stars of the week’ are selected by teachers for children who have demonstrated one or more of the ‘Secrets of Success’ in the work they have accomplished over the past week.


The 'Kindness & Friendship' Cup is awarded by the staff to children who have shown great examples of those values.


The 'House Point Cup' is awarded to the House whose members have earned the most House Points this week. 

Within each House a cup is given to the child who has earned the most House Points for their House & in the case of a tie is voted for by their House Captain. 


Reading Rewards - are awarded to children who have read at home with an adult 5 or more times in a week, with a cup awarded to the child showing the most effort with their reading.



Stars of the Week, House Points, Reading and 'Kindness & Friendship Cup' for week ending 19th April 2024



Aalayah - for working hard to improve her attendance
Sebastian - for working hard on his phonics


Albie - for concentration on his Art

Jackson - for his concentration and collaboration in Art
Harvey - for his concentration and collaboration in Art
Ella - for good concentration in her Art


Florence A - for pushing herself in English
Spencer - for pushing himself in all lessons
Ben - for an excellent start to the term & pushing himself in all lessons


'Kindness & Friendship Cup' - Freddie


The House with the most House points this week: De Vere


Within each House the child with the most points and voted by House Captain is: 


De Vere - Carter

Forest - Harry

Regis - Zarina

Barrington - Teddy B


Reading Cups - 

Woodpeckers - Olly

Wrens - Teddy B

Owls - Sophie P



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