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Little Hallingbury


Our Visions and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Little Hallingbury School is small, friendly and forward-looking. We are constantly striving to improve the care and education we provide.


We aim to become an excellent learning community where every individual is valued, is happy and motivated to fulfil his/her potential and move on confidently and securely.

We acknowledge that as a Church school Christian principles form the basis of our dealing with all individuals and underpin the whole curriculum.

We recognise the importance of the whole community in the development of the children and our responsibility towards building and strengthening the partnerships.

We aim to be a place where people want to come to work, learn, play and visit. We hope that all who pass through our doors will feel welcomed.


In order to achieve our vision we will

  • Try to ensure that all teaching and learning is put into a meaningful context for our children to ensure that they grow up understanding the relevance of their education and the tasks that we set them.
  • Ensure that the children have a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum.
  • Celebrate academic and personal achievement and success in extra curricular activities.
  • Be committed to equality of education for all children and strive to help each child to recognise their strengths and address their weaknesses.
  • Build confidence, independence and self-discipline. In a supportive environment our children will be encouraged to have the confidence to join in with all school activities. We know that children who believe in themselves will succeed.
  • Encourage everyone to respect and take pride in the School. So that it looks inviting and reflects a true learning environment.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that our children learn respect for others and for themselves and appreciate the cultural background of others.
  • As a staff, hope to derive maximum satisfaction from our work through a sense of fun, achievement, teamwork and our continued professional development.

We believe that Little Hallingbury School has something special to offer everyone. We have a clear understanding of what we want for our pupils.

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