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Little Hallingbury


Wondering Question

The question we are pondering in this week's Collective Worship is:


I wonder why it is sometimes hard to do as you are told?

Previous questions we have pondered:


Week Commencing -



23rd September - I wonder what is the most impressive natural thing you've ever seen?

16th September - I wonder what makes you feel special in the world?

5th September - I wonder which thing in the world you like the best?




15th July - I wonder if you are ready to move on at the end of the year?

8th July - I wonder why Paul had to suffer so much?

1st July - I wonder if I should always stick up for my beliefs?
25th June - I wonder who you can explain about Jesus to?

18th June - I wonder if there is anyone who shouldn't hear about Jesus?

11th June - I wonder how one God can be three persons?

4th June - I wonder why Jesus had to go away?

20th May - I wonder where Jesus is now?

13th May - I wonder why the disciples couldn't recognise Jesus?

6th May - I wonder what you think really happened?

29th April - I wonder why the men didn’t believe the women when the told them Jesus had risen?

22nd April - I wonder what the women thought when they went to the tomb?

1st April-  I wonder what you would like God to explain to you?

25th March - I wonder what we should ask God for?

18th March - I wonder how we can hallow God's name?

11th March - I wonder why we need to get ready for Easter?

4th March -   I wonder what would be a real blessing for you?

25th February - I wonder, how did Jesus fulfil the prophecy?

11th February - I wonder why Simon Peter thought he wasn't good enough to be friends with Jesus?

4th February - I wonder why Mary treasured all these things in her heart?

28th January - I wonder why Jesus didn't let the demons speak?

21st January - I wonder why Jesus wasn't frightened when he was lost?

14th January - I wonder why God said 'This is my beloved son; with him I am well pleased'?

7th January -   I wonder what you would bring to Jesus?

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