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Little Hallingbury


Sports News

Cross Country News - April 2022

In spring term 2022, Thomas (Year 4) and Jessica (Year 6) both finished in the top 5 of Uttlesford Cross Country competition, and qualified for the Essex level Cross Country competition in Southend. It is amazing to have athletes from LHS competing at a county level, and both children did their school proud. Thomas came 19th and Jessica came 24th, out fields of over 100 runners from across Essex. Well done!

Year 6 Girls Are Winners Again! - April 2022

The Yr 6 girls football team took on 7 other local primary schools at the KAS Girls Football Festival in April. After a slow start losing 1-0 to St Joseph's, they came together as a team to draw against Northgate, and were then unstoppable winning all their other matches to gain the trophy! It was a pleasure to watch them improve through the festival and to see so many girls enjoying their football.

Year 5&6 football team reach the semi-finals, twice!

Great season for this team, reaching two sets of semi-finals:

  • Knocked out in the semi-finals for the KAS League by Northgate
  • Knocked out on penalties in the semi-finals of the KAS Year 5/6 Football festival by St Joseph's.


Triumphant Yr 6 Netball Team - March 2022

Sports Update - Spring 2022

With better weather, longer days and lifting of COVID restrictions, the children have been very excited to get back to a full calendar of sporting events this term. It has been great to see school sports fields busy again and be able to compete against other schools. Here are some of the highlights!


Football - Little Hallingbury enter a Gold and Silver team from Year 5 and 6 into the Kitteridge All Sports Football League which involves 12 local primary schools. Between them the 2 teams have played 15 matches this season. The Silver team is a great opportunity for new players and for those who do not play football outside of school, and the team have improved throughout the season. The Gold team have just heard they have got through to the semi finals and are looking forward to their up-coming match against Northgate School.


Netball - The Year 6 netball team have had a great season beating local rivals Howe Green House School in both a friendly pre-tournament match, and in the final of a tournament for local primary schools arranged by Uttlesford Schools Sports Partnership (USSP). Unbeaten this season! A big thank you to Emma Norsworthy for giving up her time to coach the team.


Tag Rugby - Little Hallingbury entered 2 teams in both the Year 5 and 6, and the Year 3 and 4 local USSP tag rugby tournaments. Both A teams qualified for the USSP finals this term, and enjoyed the mud and the thrill of scoring tries at the USSP finals at Carver Barracks. The Year 3 and 4 team should be commended on coming third, especially when the competition included teams from the much larger schools in Uttlesford.


Cross Country - The whole of Key Stage 1 and selected teams from Key Stage 2 have had an opportunity to take part in the challenge of cross country running against other local primary schools. The younger runners managed to find a break in the rain, and tested their stamina on a daunting run around a very big field! They all completed the run, but special mention should go to Charlie in Reception for winning his race and to Archie in Year 2 for getting a bronze medal in his race.


The Key Stage 2 runners also took on local primary schools in their USSP event, with 6 out of 8 teams and 3 individuals qualifying for the USSP finals.  A huge well done to Thomas W (Year 3) for winning his race at the Uttlesford finals, and to Jessica (Year 6) for coming fourth in her race - both runners have qualified as individuals for the Essex finals next month as they finished in the top 5 in their races. Well done also to Kiera, Freya, Lincoln, Mia P and Amelia G for finishing in the top 10 of their races. The team results were also impressive this year, with the Yr 3 boys and the Yr 5 girls finishing 2nd and the Yr 6 girls finishing 3rd.


Sports Hall Athletics - The Key Stage 2 children enjoyed the opportunity to have a go at the adapted athletics events that make up sport hall athletics. This is a great event for this time of year as it is indoors and lots of children can participate. Well done to Freya and Kiera for excelling at several events in the Yr 3 and 4 event, and to Saiorse for winning the speed bounce in the Yr 5 and 6 event.


Dance - The 2 Key Stage 1 classes at Little Hallingbury have been busy learning dances based on their topic of jungles. It is great to see their interpretations of different animal movements. They are looking forward to performing their dances at the USSP dance festival before the end of term.


It has been a busy sporting term, and now the children are now starting to look forward to the summer sports. They have even found time for a little bit of pre-season cricket training!

Year 6 Tag Rugby Team - Autumn 2021





Fitness Fun February 2021

Can you be active EVERY SINGLE day in February? Print out a calendar and have a go!




LHS Sports Update – Spring 2021


Entering Lockdown again, means that keeping the children physically active is crucially important, and the school is working with many ways to get the children to engage in exercise. The children have PE lessons each week, where teachers will provide many ideas for ways of getting active.


This week has seen the launch of our interactive PE lessons run by KAS via Zoom, which have proved very popular so far. Please contact the office if you need the Zoom details for these live lessons.


USSP are also running a weekly physical challenge competition. This will be explained to the children each week on a DB Primary topic. The children complete the challenge and enter their results either directly to USSP via email, or to Mrs BC on DB Primary to be part of the Uttlesford wide competition. The current challenge is a timed 1km run. There will be other USSP events through the term that we hope to enter.





Sports Update - Autumn 2020


Due to ongoing COVID restrictions and the need to maintain separate bubbles, it was a real challenge to organise any sporting activity in school in the autumn term. We could not run our normal wide selection of sports clubs as we could not have external coaches coming into school and we could not have bubbles mixing at clubs. However, every class had a weekly lunchtime sports club run by KAS, and the older classes also had a weekly KAS after school club.


USSP continued with their virtual competitions and LHS entered a several events. We had planned to enter more but were prevented through staff absence and increasing COVID restrictions.




Athletics Virtual Competition

Yr 6 and Yr 1 entered the USSP Athletics Virtual Competition. The children had to complete a 100m run, standing long jump, vertical jump, chest push throw and speed bounce. Every child worked towards their own ‘Sportshall School Games Pentathlon Award’ and the strongest results were entered online as a team against other schools in Uttlesford.


Yr 1 did really well coming 11th out of 14 schools, in a competition that included Yr 2 teams. Yr 6 had an impressive result coming 4th out of 19 schools, only being beaten by 3 of the larger Saffron Walden schools.


Special mention to Jasmin for being the only child in LHS Yr 6 to achieve a Gold Pentathlon Award, and to Logan for being the only child in LHS Yr 1 to achieve a Step 4 Pentathlon Award.



Individual Challenges

Each year, Yr 2 and Yr 5 enter USSP Individual Challenge competitions, and these went ahead as normal this year. The idea of these challenges is that the children will practise throughout the term and see an improvement in their scores, as well as entering the competition.


Yr 2’s challenge was launched with a special skipping day, and other year groups were also able to benefit from a skipping lesson from a USSP coach on this day. The challenge was to see how many skips the children can do in a minute. Well done to Kiera for the highest number of skips in the class, followed closely by Monique and Chloe, and then by Thomas W.


Yr 5’s challenge was throwing a tennis ball against a wall using alternate hands, seeing how many they can do in a minute. Well done to Emily D for the highest number of catches in the class, followed by Mila and Jessica M, and then by Teddy Martin. An extra round of applause is needed for the girls as Emily D had the highest number of catches in the Uttlesford Girls Competition, with Mila and Jessica coming equal second! Amazing!






Sports Update - Summer 2020


During lockdown, USSP ran ‘virtual’ competitions. There was an athletics virtual competition where children could times and measure themselves doing sporting events either at home or at school, and then enter their results online to compete with other Uttlesford schools. There was also an archery virtual competition that our Year 6 bubbles had the opportunity to enter when they were back at school.





Information on USSP

Little Hallingbury School belongs the Uttlesford Schools Sports Partnership (USSP). USSP supports sport in schools in Uttlesford, and arranges tournaments between local primary schools within ‘family groups’ (Level 1) and across the whole District of Uttlesford (Level 2), and they also feed into competitions across Essex (Level 3). Little Hallingbury School is part of the Stansted family and we enter numerous sporting events throughout the year including traditional school sports like football, netball, tag rugby, swimming, cricket and athletics; and some other more unusual school sports like archery and golf.


Some of the tournaments are competitive where we take selected teams, and others are more about participating and encouraging sport so the whole class attends the event as part of their PE curriculum. The majority of the events are for Key Stage 2 children, but there are also events for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children.






Archery Gold! - November 2019


Netball Match Round Up - November 2019


The mixed Yr 5/6 netball team have had 4 fixtures this term, with 14 children having an opportunity to be part of the team at one or more fixtures, many for the first time. They had a rocky start with a 9-0 loss against Howe Green, but were able to turn the tables in their next match beating Manden 9-2. They had an exciting and high-scoring match against Hatfield Broad Oak, with their second win 11-6. However, their strongest performance was in a nail biting match against Birchanger which ended 6-6. It was nice to play against a similar level team and have the chance to put their training into practise.



Tag Rugby Success - November 2019


Stansted Family Cross Country Event - October 2019

The rain paused for us to have a lovely afternoon of running at Howe Green School on Wednesday 16th October. We took over 45 children from Years 3 to 6, and all of them put in maximum effort and should be proud of themselves regardless of their position in the races. 
All the LHS teams did very well, with no team being placed lower than 4th. The Yr 4 girls did particularly well taking 5 of the top 10 places in their race and finishing equal first! They will qualify for the District event next term alongside second placed Yr 6 girls, and third placed Yr 5 girls and Yr 3 boys. Special mention goes to our medal winners: gold for Lily-Grace and Saoirse, silver for Ella, and bronze for Emelia and Poppy.





Cricket Update  - July 2019


The cricket team have had a great season - despite the rain! The A team came first in their group stage the KAS competition, beating Hatfield Broad Oak and Birchanger easily, and then keeping their cool in a very tight match to beat Howe Green by 8 runs. Last week, they played the semi-final against a very strong Manor Fields team. It was a good match, with fielding and batting skills evenly matched. However, Manor Field’s bowling was better than ours giving them the win this time. 

We have also had 2 B team matches, giving some children their first taste of competitive matches. They have’t won yet, but they have improved and learnt so much.





Great Results at District Athletics - Summer 2019


The weather was kind to us on Wednesday 21st May, and 39 KS2 children didn’t get wet at the District Athletics! Events included standing long jump, howler throw, foam javelin, sprint, middle distance and relays. Expectations were high having won both trophies last year - and the children are very proud to have won again this year, winning both the Yr 5/6 section and the Yr 3/4 section, and therefore winning overall. It was a real team effort with every point counting as final points were very close, so well done to every team member. Special mention goes to Herbie, Katie, Claudia, Jasmin who won their events, and to the Yr 5 girls, the Yr 3 boys and the Yr 3 girls who won their relays.




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