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Little Hallingbury


12th January 2024







Sophia for having a great attitude in Maths. Sophia challenged herself well this week when tackling multiplication and division problems. She worked strategically and persevered well.


Scarlett for being always ready for the challenges ahead! She is focused, enthusiastic and is producing beautiful work. I have been particularly impressed by her nice and neat work in English this week.


Kitty for her ability to read fluently the new text. I am impressed how beautifully she takes punctuation into account when reading any text. Keep it up Kitty!


Arabella for a brilliant effort in her work on the class book ‘How to be a Viking’. Arabella used the text well to predict what might happen next and found some great examples of effective vocabulary. Well done.


Phoebe for your enthusiasm, energy and determination in sports. Thank you for inspiring and sharing your achievements with us! You make us very proud!


Grace for having a great attitude in Maths. Grace challenges herself well and is proactive in taking next steps in her learning by responding to advice and comments. Her work on factors this week has been particularly impressive. Well done!








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