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Little Hallingbury


26th January 2024






Evie for Always working hard and challenging herself. Evie has persevered well with her multiplication work this week when multiplying a 2-digit number with a 1-digit number. Well done.


Scarlett for her ability to read fluently the new text. I am impressed how beautifully she takes punctuation into account when reading any text. Keep it up Scarlett!


William for a brilliant effort with his story plan based on ‘How to be a Viking’. William also

worked very hard on his expanded noun phrases. Great progress, well done!


Albert for having a great attitude in Maths. Albie challenges himself well and is proactive in taking next steps in his learning by responding to advice and comments. Well done!


Isabelle for a great effort with early morning work, her times tables and reading this week. She was active in all the discussions and showed her interest and focus. Well done!





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