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Little Hallingbury


2nd February 2024






Darcy R. for having a great attitude in Maths. Darcy has worked hard to challenge herself and is

using jottings to help her work more accurately. Her investigation on dividing by 3

and 4 was particularly impressive. Well done.


Dylan for having so many good ideas in his poem writing. Also, for putting effort in learning poetry techniques.


Sophie for being always ready for the challenges ahead! She is focused, enthusiastic and is producing beautiful work. I have been particularly impressed by her ideas and examples of similes and onomatopoeias this week.


Carter for his setting description on ‘How to be a Dragon’. Carter worked very hard to include

some good adjectives and some fronted adverbials. Well done.


Paisley for her amazing setting description. Paisley worked very hard to include all of the

senses, some fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases to produce a high

standard of descriptive writing. Very impressive; best piece of writing I have seen

from Paisley!





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