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Little Hallingbury


3rd November 2023







Darcy O - for having a great attitude in Maths. Darcy has worked hard to challenge herself and is

using jottings to help her work more accurately. Well done.

Kelsie - for showing such positivity throughout the school days. Kelsie has worked really hard in all subjects, particularly in English

Isabelle - for A great effort in her poetry detective work and for a huge improvement in her

spellings. Well done.

Maddison - for always working hard in all his lessons. He helps and supports others and wants to improve as much as he can. Maddison also has a wonderful attitude in school, always friendly, welcoming and very polite. What a wonderful week, well done, Maddison!

Poppie - for excellent work in Maths. Poppie worked very carefully when we were revising addition and subtraction. She also worked very hard at focusing during lessons, when we were learning new strategies in Maths. Well done.





Logan - for his contribution to class discussions and his focus in lessons.

Jenson - for his character description using expanded noun phrases and similes.

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