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Wingsuits - Please Note - Safety


As discussed with Oak Class, this page has been created to demonstrate wingsuits, as a very simple for of gliding / controlled falling. This is in response to the question, "If birds can fly by flapping their wings, why can't humans fly by flapping their arms?"


Wingsuit flyers take very big risks. They are highly experienced and trained and any videos here will have been created with a lot of preparation and checking. Nothing seen here should be copied or imitated in any way in school or away from school.

Wingsuit - The Pyramids Of Giza

Flying closer to the great pyramids of Giza than any wingsuit pilots than before, Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte and Mike Swanson used new wingsuit designs to soar past the Egyptian monuments getting close enough to the Pyramid of Khafre that they could almost touch it.

Flying Into An Active Volcano

Flying into the crater of an active volcano in a wingsuit? It had never been done before, but that didn't stop experienced wingsuiter and skydiver Sebastián Álvarez from wanting to try. He's flown over volcanos before, but with a new suit design and careful preparation he became the first person to fly into, and out of, an active volcano in a wingsuit.

A Door In The Sky

Skimming The Earth in a Wingsuit

This is Brendan Weinstein, a 27 yr old wingsuit pilot. Brendan and his team spent 2 weeks planning this flight down the Mettelhorn in Randa, Switzerland. When I came across this video, I was so captivated at how dangerous and amazing it looked.

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