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Little Hallingbury


Active and Passive Lesson 2

LO: to write in the active and passive voices


Success Criteria:


SC1) I identify the subject and predicate;
SC2) I know that a subject is usually a noun, pronoun or noun phrase;
SC3) I identify the verb in a clause;

SC4) I can identify an active verb because it is 'done by' the subject;
SC5) I can identify a passive verb because it is 'done to' the subject.




Continue with Lesson 1 rather than working on this lesson, until you feel more comfortable with identifying and writing in active and passive voices.


Work on the two tasks focusing on active and passive. These have ten questions each. You will need your username and password to access These can be found on DB Primary. When you have completed each task, please review your work. For questions you got wrong, try to explain why, if possible. For questions you got right, please summarise how you worked them out. 



If you have completed 'Trickier' and are feeling confident, try the following IXL tasks. These are given for older years but active and passive is part of the Year 6 curriculum. Some of the vocabulary used might be challenging, but this is extension material that is optional.


D.11 Identify active and passive voices.

D.12 Rewrite the sentence in active voice.


D.9 Identify active and passive voices.

D.10 Rewrite the sentence in active voice.




1) Watch my teaching video first (if available).


2) Complete the tasks as listed in the video and as listed above under 'differentiation'.

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