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Little Hallingbury


Lime – Year 6

Dear Children and Parents,


Welcome to our class website. Here you can find out all about what you will be learning in Lime Class. There are overviews of our subjects, links to useful resources and information, tasks and activities for use in and out of the class and examples of your work. Homework, letters and timetables will be available here too.


This website will celebrate learning in Lime Class as well as providing information and resources to help you push yourselves and get the most out of our broad and enriching curriculum. 


Mr. Oliver

About Lime Class


Welcome to Lime Class, home of Year 6.


Lime Class is a community of thirty children and the adults who work with them, within the larger community of LHS.

As the most senior class in the school, Lime Class seeks to set an example and provide role models for the whole school community.


In Lime Class we value and demonstrate the Secrets of Success by:

  • showing kindness to all;
  • respecting ourselves and others;
  • growing in confidence and encouraging others to be confident;
  • expressing our creativity and imagination;
  • working both independently and collaboratively;
  • being resilient and coping with both success and failure constructively;
  • embracing challenge and seeking out difficult work;
  • loving learning;
  • showing tolerance and understanding to others;
  • taking an interest in the world around us and starting to contribute to it;
  • respectfully exploring shared values and ideas about spirituality, faith, community and philosophy.


Lime Class is a safe yet stimulating environment in which we learn not just about the national curriculum subjects, but how to learn, how to understand ourselves better and become increasingly independent.


In Lime Class we will be:

  • Actors
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Authors
  • Coders
  • Dancers
  • Engineers
  • Explorers
  • Geographers
  • Gymnasts
  • Historians
  • Linguists
  • Musicians
  • Philosophers
  • Poets
  • Readers
  • Scientists
  • Theologians


Mr. Oliver teaches Lime Class, supported by Mrs.Mulvey, Mrs. Lemery, Mrs. Penny and coaches from KAS, including Mr. Kitteridge and Mr. Pior.

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