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Little Hallingbury


Lime – Year 6

Wales 2022


Information about the Year 6 residential trip to Wales can be found here. Before the trip this will include the parent pack (which has information about locations, events, equipment, clothing and more) and essential forms that need to be completed. During the visit, I hope to be able to update the pages with information from our time away.

SATs Week

Monday 9th May  Tuesday 10th May   Wednesday 11th MayThursday 12th May   Friday 13th May    

SPaG Paper 1 -

Short Answers


SPaG Paper 2 -




Maths Paper 1 -



Maths Paper 2 -


Maths Paper 3 -


No Tests Today


SATs week takes place over four days, from Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May. There will be a total of 6 papers. The longest will take an hour, the shortest - the spelling test - will take about 15 minutes or so.


You have prepared hard for these tests over recent weeks. No matter how the tests themselves go for you, you should be proud of yourself - I am very proud of you - for your hard work. Most importantly, I am impressed with the way you have supported each other and developed the skills to check your own learning and improve.


Do your best with each test, but feel positive about them. A little bit of pressure is useful - there are many things in life that require us to work hard under pressure. However, you should not put too much pressure on yourself. Please focus on how hard you work, concentrate and push yourself, not on the score you think you might get. You cannot fail or pass a SATs test.


There is no new work I am giving you over the weekend. If you wish, you may continue to practise with the online materials made available for homework recently. We will do a little bit of warming up before each test next week.


We will be based in the hall and we will build in breaks to help with time management and getting tired. You will be supported by three adults when the tests take place, myself and two others. Try to rest a little at the weekend. Do your best next week but take it in your stride.

Lime Class Curriculum Web Spring 2022 -

You're the Voice: Advocacy in Action


About Lime Class


Welcome to Lime Class, home of Year 6.


Lime Class is a community of thirty children and the adults who work with them, within the larger community of LHS.

As the most senior class in the school, Lime Class seeks to set an example and provide role models for the whole school community.


In Lime Class we value and demonstrate the Secrets of Success by:

  • showing kindness to all;
  • respecting ourselves and others;
  • growing in confidence and encouraging others to be confident;
  • expressing our creativity and imagination;
  • working both independently and collaboratively;
  • being resilient and coping with both success and failure constructively;
  • embracing challenge and seeking out difficult work;
  • loving learning;
  • showing tolerance and understanding to others;
  • taking an interest in the world around us and starting to contribute to it;
  • respectfully exploring shared values and ideas about spirituality, faith, community and philosophy.


Lime Class is a safe yet stimulating environment in which we learn not just about the national curriculum subjects, but how to learn, how to understand ourselves better and become increasingly independent.


In Lime Class we will be:

  • Actors
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Authors
  • Coders
  • Dancers
  • Engineers
  • Explorers
  • Geographers
  • Gymnasts
  • Historians
  • Linguists
  • Musicians
  • Philosophers
  • Poets
  • Readers
  • Scientists
  • Theologians


Mr. Oliver-Dean teaches Lime Class, supported by Mrs. Lemery, Mrs. Sullivan and coaches from KAS, including Mr. Kitteridge and Mr. Pior.

Updates, News and Information for Parents and Children

Performance - Friday 16th July


Please have costumes in during the day for a dress rehearsal at some point. Please then take these costumes home to change into at home and wear into the performance.



  • Please drop your child off, in their costume, at 18:15. If you are staying to watch, there will be an adult on the gate to check tickets.
  • If no-one is staying to watch, please collect your child by 20:00.


Covid Arrangements

  • These rules apply equally to performances before and after movement to Step 4. This is because the school’s risk assessment will not change for the final three days of term (in line with Local Authority guidance).
  • This show is ticket only. We have a maximum of one space per child on each night.
  • If parents make individual arrangements with each other, please inform us so we have records for Track and Trace. Tickets must still be used (they can physically be handed over).
  • Seats will be spaced out in the area in front of the stage. Please keep chairs where they have been placed. This is partly for social distances and partly because this allows space for members of the cast to move as planned.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Face coverings are not mandatory when seated, though you are very welcome to wear them for your own and other audience member’s protection.
  • If it might rain, please have an umbrella available. Children may bring in clothing to go over costumes in the event of poor weather.
  • The show would only be cancelled in the event of dangerous weather conditions.


Wednesday 14th July


For reference, it is likely that the lesson in the RSE work that will cover puberty will take place next week, either on the Monday or the Tuesday. 

Wales Substitute - Camp Day

Thursday 8th July, 2021

Dear Parents,


Lime Class will have their fourth-and-a-half Wales substitute day tomorrow (Friday 9th July). It will consist of team building and code-breaking activities on the field, as well as organised games and opportunities to spend less formal time with friends choosing from a range of activities. Given the current forecast, we will also have the postponed ‘Camp Day’ for children who would like to bring tents in. The focus of the day will be on the activities, but the tents will add an extra dimension to the experience. This activity is in response to requests in School Council.




A child bringing in a tent will be taken as permission to have the tent in school and to use it. We will be as respectful as possible but please only send in tents which you are happy for children – with some assistance from me – to attempt to erect and then take down and pack again. I can make no guarantees about the orderliness of the package at the end of the day but care will be taken. We will start the day working together to put the tents up before starting activities. There will be options for children who don’t have tents. There is no pressure nor expectation that any child brings in a tent. We will take them down towards the end of the day.




The forecast is currently reasonable for tomorrow, with the chance of rain increasing towards the afternoon. Children should bring in coats, jackets or waterproofs as we intend remaining outside if there are showers during the day. A hat might be sensible in case of sun!




As this is a Wales substitute day, children may wear their own clothes, provided they are comfortable and suitable for active games. Normal school rules about jewellery and hair apply.




Children will be allowed in each other’s tents, but only when following clear guidance. This will limit the numbers in a tent, based on its size, will require that the tent is well ventilated with the door open and that children are not having excessively close face-to-face contact. Children do not have to be in tents at any point if they do not wish to be. There will be other places to sit. Adults will not go into tents, except when needed in order to help put up or take down the tent and only when children are not in it. As always, hand sanitiser will be available.




Children have requested permission to bring in their own food to add to the experience. Children may do so, provided the food does not cause a mess in or around the tents, that only a moderate amount is taken in (we don't want any over-indulgent sickly campers!), that the food is not shared in any way and that no food containing nuts are sent in. 


Kind regards,

Mr. Stephen Oliver-Dean






Thursday 17th June


We have enjoyed a morning of cricket - a version of Rapid Fire Cricket aimed at older children - led by Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Parrish, who came in to coach the children and introduce the game. Rapid Fire Cricket is a unique version of the game, in which a team of at least five players work together to score as many runs (or take as many catches) as they can in four minutes. Every player takes it in turn to bowl, bat and field and team-work is key to getting as many points as possible. 


We will go on from today's coaching sessions to have our own internal competition, the winners of which will compete - at a distance - with other schools from our Family Group. A great time was had by all, with plenty of high scores and a lot of fun.

End of Term Performances and Leavers' Assembly

Thursday 8th July 2021

Dear Parents,


I am very pleased to say that we intend going ahead with our provisional plans for the end of term events for Year 6. This decision was previously delayed because of the rapidly changing Covid situation locally. We now expect the two evening performances and the afternoon Leavers’ Assembly to take place as described below and previously communicated. This is, of course, subject to any unexpected but possible changes, such as self-isolation, between now and the planned dates.


For each of the following events, we are inviting one-adult-per-child. There are two performances in order to allow for two parents to come in total. There is a single Leavers’ Assembly, at which a single adult per child can come. It is not feasible to repeat the Leavers’ Assembly to allow a larger audience.


The performances will take place on the outside stage area. Children have been working very hard in uniquely difficult circumstances and are keen to end their time at LHS on a high. We look forward to welcoming you to their production of The X-Factory!


In addition, the planned day for the Lime Class part of Sports Day is Monday 12th July (with the Tuesday as a reserve day). Children need to come in wearing PE kits on this day.


Monday 12th July – Sports Day

No spectators. Children should have PE kits on this day. This is for Lime Class specifically. The reserve day is Tuesday 13th July.


Friday 16th July  - The X-Factory performed by Year 6 – 18:30

This will last approximately 1 hour. Audience: one-adult-per-child; tickets only. If you are not in the audience, please be available at the school gate to collect your child. We will advise an approximate finish time once full run-throughs have been done next week, which is unlikely to be before 19:30.


Monday 19th July – The X-Factory performed by Year 6 – 18:30

This will last approximately 1 hour. Audience: one-adult-per-child; tickets only. If you are not in the audience, please be available at the school gate to collect your child. We will advise an approximate finish time once full run-throughs have been done next week, which is unlikely to be before 19:30.


Tuesday 20th July – Leaver’s Assembly by Year 6 – 15:30

This will last approximately 45 minutes. Audience: one-adult-per-child; tickets only.


Tuesday 20th July – Leaver’s Activities and BBQ – After the Assembly until 17:30

Only children will be allowed at this. Please collect children from the school gate at 17:30.


Tickets will be sent home prior to each event. We really look forward to welcoming you back in for the shows.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Stephen Oliver-Dean



Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ: Can I bring more than one person on one day with no-one attending on the other day?


Unfortunately not, unless you are able to make private arrangements with other parents. Our limits on numbers are strict and non-negotiable. The event will be ticketed with one ticket per child per day. For the performances, this is designed to allow a pair of parents attend (otherwise we would have had a single performance). For the Leavers’ Assembly, there is only time for a single event. If you are in a position to make an arrangement with other parents so that, for example, two of you attend on one day and two on the other, please inform us of this so that we can track who has which tickets. As a host, we have a track-and-trace responsibility.


If you are not attending on a given day, please ensure that your child is present. The class has worked very hard, battling with limited space, prolonged absences and self-isolation, to be a team and produce something together. It would be good for them to be together at the end if at all possible.


FAQ: Why are the same conditions being followed both before and after Step 4 of the Roadmap takes place, when national rules will have changed?


This is partly because the school will be following the existing risk assessment until the end of the term in line with new guidance. It is also out of prudence. Self-isolation rules for children and doubly vaccinated adults do not change until 16th August, which means any extra people in close-contact within the school could lead to significant disruptions for families as the summer holidays begin. Finally, this is also partly to ensure equality between the groups that attend before and after 19th July.


FAQ: Can I bring a younger sibling or toddler?


Unfortunately not. We have been informed that even younger children count towards the numbers in attendance. Places are for ticketed adults.


FAQ: What if it rains?


Unless the weather conditions pose a danger to the children and audience (very high winds, lightning, very heavy rain with slippery conditions), the show must go on! Please bring umbrellas if you are in the audience. If anyone is able to lend us a gazebo well in advance and is happy for us to keep it up for a few days, please let me know. If it is likely to rain, please consider sending in extra clothing for children to have over the top of costumes if they need them.


FAQ: What if the class is impacted by Covid and self-isolation rules?


Hopefully, we will be able to all be present in school to put on our performances. Naturally, we are aware that, with the current increasing case numbers and high transmissibility of the Delta variant, it is possible that between now and the end of term there could be a need for self-isolation in the class. If this applied to the whole bubble, we would aim to put on the performance as a whole class via Zoom. If this were to happen to individual children, regrettably it is unlikely we could involve them in the performance itself. I would certainly explore the possibility of individual Zoom participation but cannot guarantee this.


FAQ: Why are some other schools allowing parents in greater numbers? Why are some schools managing end of term events in other ways?


Some schools may be able to accommodate greater numbers from the 19th. Many will not. Some are putting concerts on as we are; many are not able to. We are a small village school with limited capacity and have put significant efforts into ensuring children have positive experiences at the end of the year. I feel we have succeeded with this. We have been determined to put on a show if at all possible. We also take our responsibility to the children, their families, our staff and the community throughout the pandemic extremely seriously and we will not be reckless at the end of the term. We are aware that many families will have plans which would be disrupted by self-isolation and we are very aware of families and staff with continued vulnerability to Covid-19. Circumstances permitting, we will host performances to involve parents in a secure and responsible way.



Tuesday 8th June


We have had a very successful archery competition today. Children were given instruction by Mrs. Parrish and plenty of time to practise before taking part in a competition against other schools from our Family and indeed all of the Uttlesford Partnership. There were some very high scores and some significant improvements over the course of the day.


Well done to Ronnie and Oliver, our first and second-placed boys and to Harriet J and Isabelle, our first and second-placed girls. As a team, these four children's scores will go up against those of other schools across our Family group and Partnership. 

Dates and Information about Summer Term Events for Year 6


We have endeavoured to ensure the Year 6 Leavers have as rich and fulfilling an end of term as possible, while fully respecting the DfE and Local Authority guidance on Covid. We have also made efforts to involve parents in end of term events as we know how important this time is for you as well. In light of the government's announcement of the delay to Step 4 of the road map until Monday 19th July, here are the dates and planning for this term. Everything here is done under Step 3 guidance and will not be effected by any further delays to the road map.





Monday 14th June

‘Wales Week’ – The Journey Out

This will be the first, symbolic day of our substitute for Wales Week. On this day we will have activities to simulate some of the experiences of the first day of the Wales trip. There will be time for socialising together as a group and passing the time together as there would be on the coach. There will also be team building, problem solving activities outside for much of the day.


Week beginning Monday 21st June

Postponed - provisionally to Thursday 1st July - due to weather.

Postponed - provisionally to Friday 9th July, due to staff absence and other logistical reasons.

‘Wales Week’ – Camp Day

On this day we will set up and break camp in the morning and then in the afternoon. If this is successful we will consider doing it again. The tents will give a sense of escape and transform the field, while we take part in organised games and team activities. It is not necessary for everyone to have a tent for this to work! More information will come home – including a date dependent on the weather – shortly before the planned day.


Wednesday 23rd June

‘Wales Week’ – Outdoor and Adventurous Activities – Sky Ropes at Great Notley

In order to take part in adventurous activities beyond what we can do in and around the school, we will visit Sky Ropes in Great Notley, followed by time in the park.


Week beginning Monday 28th June


This event might not go ahead due to the possibility of Bikeability. It has been postponed provisionally to the 9th July, where it might be replaced by the camping day.



‘Wales Week’ – Hatfield Forest

We intend visiting Hatfield Forest. I have been in touch with the rangers there and we are able to take self-led activities. The date is not yet fixed due to logistics at both ends, but is provisionally planned for the week beginning 28th June. Children will be given the option of walking there and back or being dropped/collected there.


The Hatfield Forest trip will not take place. This is for the following reasons: 1) to make space for Bikeability, which requires four full days; 2) because the Forest was not able to offer us dates on which we hoped to have capacity; 3) for capacity reasons, in terms of staff available in school limited the number that can go out (this is a relatively high ratio activity). 




Wednesday 30th June


Letters about swimming will come home in the near future.


Wednesday 7th July


Letters about swimming will come home in the near future.


Friday 9th July

‘Wales Week’ – The Journey Back


Provisionally we will have the camp day or an alternative here following the earlier postponement.

There will be a day to replicate the return journey from Wales, but with less time spent sleeping on a coach! We will again take part in problem solving, outdoor and adventurous activities, based on what has worked well for the class so far.


Monday 12th JulySports DayNB - Due to the weather forecast, we will move this to its reserve day (Tuesday).
Tuesday 13th JulySports Day ReserveWe plan to have Sports Day here now due to the forecast.

Wednesday 14th July


Bikeability Group B

Letters about swimming will come home in the near future.


Thursday 15th JulyBikeability Group B 

Friday 16th July

The X Factory – Performance for Parents

There will be a performance outside on the stage area at 18:30. One adult per child may attend this show to keep us within Covid guidance. The timing  is intended to give the greatest possible flexibility for parents who work.


Monday 19th July

The X Factory – Performance for Parents

There will be a performance outside on the stage area at 18:30. At this time, one adult per child may attend this show to keep us within Covid guidance. The two dates have been added to allow two adults to come for each child, over two days.


Tuesday 20th July

Leavers’ Assembly

There will be a Leavers’ Assembly on the stage after school, at 15:30 on Tuesday. At the moment, one adult per child may attend. We intend filming this to make it available to parents who cannot attend.


This will be assembly by the Year 6s for their parents. They will deliver their assembly separately to the other classes at another time.


Tuesday 20th July

Leavers’ Games/BBQ

Year 6s will be invited to stay on after the Leavers’ Assembly for games and a BBQ. They may bring a change of clothes if they wish. As with past years, this is an event just for the children. We will give a pick-up time closer to the date.


Wednesday 21st July


There will be a swimming session on the last day of term. This was the available day and will be an exciting thing for the last day.



On ‘Wales Week’ days children may wear their own clothes, provided they are suitable for outdoor sports and games (flexible and comfortable). Hair and jewellery must follow normal school rules. The exception to this is at Sky Ropes, where we will ask children to wear school PE kits. This is to aid with identification when in the park.




During this last half term, the class will cover RSE (Relationship and Sex Education). Clear information about what is covered will be sent home before relevant sessions so that parents are fully informed and have the opportunity to see resources used when talking about puberty in advance of work done in school.




A few parents have enquired about Bikeability. Unfortunately, it looks almost certain that we cannot offer this to Year 6s this year. We had a planned booking that would have taken place in the Spring term but this was lost to lockdown. We have made efforts to rearrange it for this term, but places were not available – they were already booked up. We have remained in touch to see if there would be any space but there has not been so far. This is not due to restrictions from DfE and Local Authority Covid guidance (we would have done it if we could), but due to unavailability. It was a casualty of lockdown.

PE and The Daily Mile in Lime Class


PE will take place on Thursdays and Fridays. On these days, children should bring in suitable trainers as well as their school shoes with a bag to keep muddy shoes in. School shoes should be worn into school and then changed at the beginning of PE lessons. A tracksuit top and tracksuit trousers will also be required - to be worn over the top - if going on the field at any time and to be worn on the playground in poorer weather. This kit requirement applies to anyone wanting to go on the field at lunch times as well. This is to open up use of the field as much as possible. At the moment, no other PE kit should be worn or brought into school. This is due to the absence of changing facilities with current regulations, coupled with the need to manage temperature in the class (PE kits would be colder in class). This will be reviewed at Easter after which time it is possible that PE kits will be worn into school in place of school uniform on PE days (a separate communication will come home if this is the case).


On some days, we will also do the Daily Mile. There is no requirement for a change of shoes for these sessions, but children might prefer to change into trainers and so may bring them into school.




PLEASE NOTE: Homework will not be sent home during the first week of return to regular schooling. It will resume shortly afterwards.


Homework focusing on fundamentals in maths - such as tables and calculations - and English - reading and spellings - will come home in the near future. A letter will accompany this when it does and will be available on this website.


At the moment every child should have a reading book, either from home or from school (where the library can be accessed once a day) and should read daily. Once Home-School books arrive, reading should be recorded daily.

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