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Little Hallingbury


Adverbs and Adjectives IXL Lesson 1


IXL Lesson 1 - Adverbs and Adjective


L.O. to distinguish between adverbs and adjectives


Please attempt the 'Trickier' work first. If you find this hard, please use the 'Tricky' links. If you work through the 'Trickier' tasks quickly please work on 'Trickiest'. These activities do not all come from the same section of IXL so please use the links here.


Start Here - Trickier:


E.1 Identify adjectives


E.3 Identify adverbs


E..6 Is the word an adverb or an adjective?



For Support - Tricky:


F.3 Identify adjectives


F.5. Identify adverbs


F.7 Is the word an adjective or an adverb?


For Extension - Trickiest:


E.5 Is the word an adjective or and adverb?


E.6 Comparative and superlative adjectives


E.8 Comparative and superlative adverbs

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