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Archive 2018-19 Perspective (Art)

LO to draw using one-point perspective

LO to draw using two-point perspective


Over a series of weeks, we worked on these two learning objectives, to create our own perspective drawings (the ones you can see in the slideshow above).


There were several steps and success criteria for us to learn and master. Along the way, we made many adjustments and improvements to our work, learning from mistakes and misconceptions.


Success Criteria for One-Point Perspective: Success Criteria for Two-Point Perspective:
I draw intersecting lines to mark the centre of the page;
I use vertical and horizontal lines for walls and floors/ceilings;
I draw guidelines faintly to rub out later;
I draw extra straight guidelines, starting in the centre, when I need them.

I draw a horizon line;
I mark two vanishing points;
I keep vertical lines vertical;
I draw guidelines that converge on one of the vanishing points;
I choose the correct guidelines for edges of shapes.


How to draw one-point perspective

Still image for this video

We watched a video tutorial to help us draw in one-point perspective. We used the skill of looking at quality examples and analysing them.


It was very complicated so we broke it down into individual steps. We used the skill of breaking a complex task into manageable steps.


Our work was differentiated by selecting simpler or more complex elements to draw. We reduced or increased the number of guidelines and the amount of objects and locations to draw objects. We used the skill of differentiation to give each of us a sensible starting point, setting our own challenges.


We needed measuring and drawing skills as well as composition skills even at the sketching stage. There was quite a lot of maths in this art too. We used cross-curricula skills, borrowing skills we have learned in one subject and using them in another.


After watching the video and producing our first sketches, we looked at two-point perspective. 

Two-Point Perspective Tutorial

Here are some examples of our sketches, our annotated sketch book work and our first and second attempts at perspective. Our finished versions are at the top of this page. You will see the progress and improvements we have made over the course of this work. We are very proud of our improvements and the appearance of our finished work.

Our sketch book work, annotations and first drafts

Reviews and Evaluation


We have now begun reviewing and evaluating the whole process. Our reviews will appear here.



In art, we have been learning how to draw using one and two point perpective. In the process, we all had a few attempts at things like aligning lines and measuring accuratley - which showed our progression.


First we tried one point perspective, which is shown on the right.


To do this, first draw two diagonal lines that meet in the middle, where they meet is where the vanishing point is.


Then, draw a box in the centre of the page, but make sure that the corners of the box join with the diagonal lines (as you can see in the square at the back of the picture on the right).


Next, sketch two horizontal lines, coming up from the floor where you want the door to be.

Draw a line going to the vanishing point to top the door.


Then repeat what you did with the door but just a bit smaller to create a window.


Finally, customise with colours and furniture of your choice!


Our Reviews and Evaluations

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