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Little Hallingbury


Coping with Remote Learning

LO 1: to suggest strategies for getting the most out of remote learning


Success Criteria:


SC1: I identify difficulties and disadvantages with remote learning;

SC2: I identify opportunities and advantages with remote learning;

SC3: I think about the impact of remote learning on physical health and exercise;

SC4: I think about the impact of remote learning on mental and emotional health;

SC5: I think about how we can socialise and be a community during lockdown;

SC6: I make suggestions about ways to make the most of opportunities and reduce the difficulties of remote learning.




Differentiation will come through how deeply and widely you think and comment.




1) Watch my introduction video (below).

2) If it helps, think in advance of the Zoom lesson about the questions and topics in the video.

3) Join the Zoom lesson and take part.

4) Record your ideas on the DB Primary forum.


You do not need to have looked at the introduction video to join the Zoom lesson. It is an optional extra to prepare you for the lesson.

PSHE - Coping with Remote Learning - Zoom Lesson

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