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Little Hallingbury



 L.O. to compose definitions


cat - A cat is an animal with four legs that hunts mice and many more small types of animals. They are quiet and then they pounce on top of their prey. [HGW] You start with a definition and add to it with a description. 


table - a flat surface with four legs used for eating, working etc.
table - food provided at a table (second definition)

table - group seated for dinner etc. (third definition) [LGH, SB - using a dictionary]


case - To solve a mystery, a detective is most likely to solve a case.

case - something you carry your belongings in like a bag or rucksack [SC]


peg - A peg is an item that you can use to block out some of the most smelly smells. [LH]


wolf - The howl of the wolf often means it is a full moon. A wolf is a relative that is family to the dog. [GD]


pack - a pack of sweets or a pack of wolves [DB]

...something that holds anything, such as food, pencils, chocolate etc. ...

...a group of animals (for example, wolves) that live and work together...


mountain - a tall landscape which people try to get to the top of, but mostly fail, mostly visited by tourist [HW]


Success Criteria and Examples



relative pronouns (which, that, who, whom,

whose, whoever, whomever)

Relative pronouns can be used to create relative clauses.

These are useful when giving definitions and

creating extended noun phrases.


subordinating conjunctions (if, because, as,

when, although...)


examples (for example, such as)

Examples help make your definitions more precise. 

They can take your writing from the 'general'

to the 'specific'.



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