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Follow the link below for example of work:

L.O. to compose definitions


Tricky Trickier Trickiest
I give definitions for nouns, describing them clearly and accurately. I give alternative definitions (as for 'Tricky' but using words that can have more than one 
I also give metaphorical and/or creative definitions for words.
This task can be extended (see below).    


Here is a definition from a dictionary (Tricky/Basic):


table - noun - a flat surface on legs used for eating, working at etc.


Here is a similar definition written as a sentence (Tricky/Extension):


table - A table is an object that usually stands on four legs (though it can have more). It has a flat, typically rectangular surface, that offers support to items and can be used for activities such as drawing, writing, eating and working.


Here is an alternative dictionary definition for 'table' (Trickier):


table - noun - a selection of facts, figures or information presented in columns and rows


Here is a creative definition for 'table' (Trickiest):


table - The table lurks in the corner of the room, a monster hidden in plain sight, its headless body stalking silently on four legs, waiting for its moment.

This includes a description but it is also a definition (the table is presented as 'a monster hidden in plain sight').

What is a book (pre-learning)?


In  story, you can read it. [HY, HGW]

an item with a number of pieces of paper which you can read [HJ, LGH]

You can read it and it gives you pieces of information. It also educates you. [GD, FP]

It's an interesting item that can make you feel that you have gone somewhere different. [AF, CM]

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