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Express Yourself Ideas

Express Yourself - Lime Class Introduction

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Ideas for Expressing Yourself


Subject Area



Create your own version of Beautiful Oops!


Play the Squiggle Game.


Draw what you see - with your eyes or inside your mind.


Create a drawing with your eyes closed. Open your mind and turn it into something.


Here are some creative ideas for painting. Some of these will need equipment you might not have, but others are simpler. Some might make quite a mess, so make sure you have permission at home if you try them!


Here are some creative ideas for drawing. Some of the videos include a paid promotion - which means they advertise something they have been paid to say nice things about - but the ideas in the video are useful.



Listen to music and create a playlist to represent different emotions and feelings.


Record yourself playing items around the house (if it doesn't interfere with your family). Play along with yourself.


Devote some time to your musical instrument if you already play one - or try one if you have permission.


Compose music.


Practise a dance you know.


Create a dance or make a variation on a dance.


Make a dance playlist of movement to represent different emotions.



Find new ways of doing exercises at home.


Create ways of getting the heart rate up safely without much space.


Design a game that involves only one or two pieces of equipment.



Take time to read poems you might otherwise not read.


Listen to people performing poems in videos. What ones do you like?


Write your own poems on any subject.


Perform a poem - recording yourself if you want to.



Design clothes or outfits for any ocassion, reflecting your personality and tastes.


Match different fashion styles to different moods and feelings.


Plan and design make-up - sketch out your own 'glow up' ideas.


Design hair-styles from subtle to extreme.


If you physically make any of these things, make sure you have permission at home.



and Technology

Create solutions to engineering problems. How would you design a bridge or a railway, a city or a skyscraper?


Design your own town or city. Could you place it somewhere in particular (in the clouds, under the ocean, on the Moon, floating on a river, in a desert...)


Create a tower or bridge out of objects you have to hand (with permission).


Create an app.


Do some coding



Perform a play - with someone else or doing every part yourself. Record yourself if you want to.


Write a playscript.



Build with Lego - following a design or creating something from scratch.


Build a model


Take time to spend on anything you want to build. 



Create a photo collage that represents you. Take images of either yourself or things that you feel reflect who you are as a person. Put these together, perhaps with words.


Take photographs of ordinary everyday objects from unusual angles or perspectives.


Create pet portraits.


NB - Please make sure anything you share is done securely and with the permission of anyone in the photos.


Film Making

Create a lockdown documentary.


Pretend your house and/or garden is a wildlife sanctuary. Create a David Attenborough style nature programme on what can be found there.


Create a music video.


For any of these activities, make sure you have permission and be respectful of the need of your family for space to work or have their own time.


Write about yourself.


Keep a diary.


Write about anything at all.



Find different ways of counting. Replace our digits with new ones. Perhaps you won't use ten digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).


Create maths problems for others to solve.


Play Sudoku.



Invent  a new species.


Turn the gravity off and see what happens.



Create your own language. Write it down





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