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Harvest - Our Place in Creation

L.O. to compare and contrast religious and scientific ideas


SC1) I summarise the events in the Creation story from Genesis;
SC2) I summarise events in scientific explanations about the beginning of the universe;
SC3) I look for similarities in these ideas;
SC4) I look for differences in these ideas;
SC5) I suggest ways in which we need stories and models to make sense of our world;
SC6) I suggest ways in which religious stories help give or reflect meaning.

Step 1 - Watch the video retelling the Creation story from Genesis. Also, read the account in the Bible from Genesis 1 and from Genesis 2.


Step 2 - Discuss and summarise the story. What happened in it? Does it make you think of any other stories? What are the most important points in the story do you think?


Step 3 - Consider the literal and symbolic meaning of stories. Most Christians do not believe the story in Genesis is literally true (some do - this is called 'Creationism'). However, they do find it symbolises something. What does it mean? How might this story give meaning to a Christian or to followers of other religions that have the same or similar stories? What important messages might someone get from this story, regardless of whether they have a faith or not?


Step 4 - Watch and discuss the videos about the creation of the universe based on current scientific theories, including the Big Bang and the formation of the Earth. Some of these are quite advanced, so don't worry if there is a lot you don't follow - there will be somethings that do make sense. Try and summarise what you have watched.


Step 5 - Look for similarities and differences in the two stories. IMPORTANT - Try not to look at these stories as choosing one or the other. There are many scientists who are religious as well as many scientists who are not. Science tries to understand how the universe works. Religion and philosophy try to look for meaning. These are different things. Discuss your thoughts, being respectful to others.


Step 6 - How can the religious story give people a sense of comfort and meaning? How might it influence the lives of people who find it important? It is possible to find something important without believing it is literally true? 


Step 7 - How can a scientific explanation of Creation be useful? In what ways can people find meaning in it? How can the two different explanations unite and fit together?

The Story of Creation (Genesis 1-2)

How was Planet Earth Formed?

Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

Origins of the Universe (National Geographic)

How old is the universe, and how did it begin?

The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

How did everything get started?

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