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Little Hallingbury



Lime Class Homework

Handed out: Friday 20th September

Due in: Thursday 26th September

Spelling test: Friday 27th September


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1) This week’s spelling words:


adore – adoration – adorable – adorably        consider – consideration – considerable – considerably

tolerate – toleration – tolerable – tolerably – tolerance                     

(These words use the suffix –able. They are words that have a related word with the suffix –ation.)


change – changeable               notice – noticeable                 

(These words keep their ‘e’)


2) Previous spelling words (so that you can revise them):


dependable, comfortable, understandable, enjoyable, reasonable, reliable

possible, horrible, terrible, visible, incredible, sensible





Please read daily. We are still awaiting Home-School Record books, in which you will record your reading progress. Please find as much time as you can to enjoy reading. Find something that you read for the pleasure of reading. Take delight in your reading.



The Lost Words


Federation Website > Little Hallingbury School > Children LH > Class Pages > Lime – Year 6 > Lime Class Projects > The Lost Words (Autumn 2019)


You have a choice of what to do for your Lost Words homework. Please choose a different task to last week.


The purpose of this homework is mostly to inspire you and help you explore our topic for this term. Later on in the year, some of your homework will help you prepare for the routine of secondary school. For now, choose something that you want to do from the list.


  1. Walk out (with permission!) into the countryside around us. Spend time looking at the way the land lies, the shape of the fields, the hedgerows, the woods. Take time to look at the plants growing near the path, studying their shape and form. Do you know what they are called? What new names could you give them? What makes them interesting or special or beautiful?
    1. For this homework, there is nothing you have to bring in to school. I realise that this gives you an excuse to do no homework, but hope that you will be responsible and honest. I will assume you are now that you are in Year 6.
    2. You could take photographs. I might be able to add photographs to our class pages (provided you or your address can’t be identified).
  2. Create a piece of two-dimensional art that will be kept in the class on one of the following topics:
    1. Acorn
    2. Adder
    3. Bluebell
    4. Bramble
    5. Conker
    6. Dandelion
    7. Fern
    8. Heather
    9. Heron
    10. Ivy
    11. Kingfisher
    12. Lark
    13. Magpie
    14. Newt
    15. Otter
    16. Raven
    17. Starling
    18. Weasel
    19. Willow
    20. Wren
  3. Create a poem on one of the topics given above.
    1. You could record yourself reading your poem. We could do this in class.
  4. Collect fallen leaves and start to press them, to be used later in the term.
  5. Research the wildlife of the British Isles, especially animals and plants that live in our local area.
  6. Learn ‘The Lost Words Blessing’ song (there is a link to it on the class website).


Homework 2019-20


Friday 6th September 2019


There is no written homework this week. We will have our first spelling test next week but this will be based on words the children will not prepare for me (to allow me to set targets). 


Children should be reading daily. When our home-school record books arrive, these will provide a space to record reading.


For anyone who wants to go that 'extra mile', our focus this term is on the natural world, especially British plants and animals. Finding out the names of local trees, birds, flowers and other animals and learning to identify them will be a good way to explore this topic away from school


Spelling Lists and Tasks

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