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Homework Expectations for Maths - Mr Oliver-Dean


Please note that Mrs Horsley sets spelling and reading work independently of this. This refers only to maths expectations, starting from Thursday 18th April.


IXL Maths - Link to Login Pages


Each week, children should work on IXL outside of lesson time. This will help address areas that children would benefit from practising (recommendations) and/or class work (either as 'pre-learning' or reviewing and practising current or recent work).


What work should I do?


Unless told otherwise, please work on your 'recommendations'. Sometimes, to get recommendations, you will need to step into the 'diagnostic arena'. Sometimes I might ask you to do other work than recommendations. I will make this clear. You can also suggest to me work that might be useful to you. Please DO NOT have any help when you are working in the 'diagnostic arena'. This is so that IXL can find work that is useful for you. If you have help in the arena, IXL will set you work that is too difficult at the moment.


Year 3 - 20 minutes per week


This is equivalent to about 3 minutes per day. It is measured from one Thursday to the next Thursday.


Year 4 - 30 minutes per week


This is equivalent to less than 5 minutes per day. It is measured from one Thursday to the next Thursday.


What if I don't do this amount of work?


You will be expected to catch up any missed time at school. I can help you with this.


What if I do more than this amount of work?


If you do more work, it might help you with your maths, but please don't feel pressure to do this. We have kept a leaderboard in class for the last four weeks. If you do double the expected time in a week, you will reach the 'Champion' section and this is automatic 'Gold'. However, doing the expected time is plenty, will be useful to you and will also be rewarded. If you are a competitive person, you might use this to help push yourself but don't let it cause you stress. 


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