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Little Hallingbury


Sycamore – Year 3 & Year 4

Welcome to Sycamore Class


Mixed Year 3 and 4 class


Teacher – Mr Lister


Our double Science topic this half term is "All About Food" - healthy eating and how the body digests food culminating in making healthy Christmas treats.  Like last term there will be the occasional Homework project in which I'll challenge the children to bake or create something delicious at home and record their efforts in some way to show me and the class how they got on and what they learned from the experience. 


In English our class text is the book "Varjak Paw" by SF Said, a story about a cat who learns the "Way", a secret martial art for cats, in order to survive in a world of dangerous dogs, cat gangs and the mysterious "Vanishings".  The reading focus will be on vocabulary, inference and comprehension.  In Writing we will practise Character Descriptions, Non-Chronological Reports and Formal Letters.  Again, one of these might be a Homework Project. 


Year 3 and 4 Spelling lists continue...10 new words with a focus on a particular letter combination/ sound/ rule.  Spelling tests occur every Friday, children should practise spelling their words in their purple notebook and in their Home School Record book and on the relevant forum on db primary.  Spelling Words are posted on here too.


By the end of Year 4 it is a Government expectation that all children will be expected to know all of their times tables by heart together with related division facts. Learning these basic facts is the primary focus for Year 4 in Maths.  All children in Year 3 and 4 have been set a times table to learn.  Every child has made a set of flash cards of that times table so they can practise them with you at home.  Every Friday all children will be given the opportunity to show their mastery and win a passport to learn the next times table.  There are lots of websites and online apps with challenges and games to help the children learn their times tables.  I have shared lots of these with the children.  They have their favourites and if they have digital access from home, I'd encourage them to practise their times tables online.


PE is on Wednesday afternoons with KAS and again with me on Thursday afternoon so children need to bring their PE kit on those days.


You will have seen in a very recent school email that School Clubs have started also - for Sycamore (boys and girls) there is:


Mon lunchtime - Archery

Tues b4 school - Cheerleading, and

Wed after school - Football.


Again, please bring appropriate attire.


Show and Tell is on Fridays so the children are encouraged to bring a favourite thing in to share with their classmates.  Also if anyone has excelled in something outside of school, be it sporting, in the arts (e.g. dance, drama, music) or otherwise please bring in any certificates or trophies on Fridays to share with the whole school at Celebration Assembly.


This new school term, after all the interruptions and uncertainties, my focus is on creating a safe, positive and supportive learning environment for the children in which they can rekindle their relationships with one another and bolster their confidence being back in class and school with others.   




French lessons have begun in earnest this half term and my cunning plan is to register all children in Sycamore class on the internationally renowned website


where the children can learn French at their own pace in the classroom and also if they wish at home


Today I have tried to register as many children as do so involves using a parent's email so I've taken the liberty of using email addresses I have for some of may receive an email notification from duolingo...


I'm not sure if the registration process requires your consent but if it does I'd be grateful if you could give it.  Happy to talk to you about any aspect of this new approach I'm taking. 


For a couple of children the website wouldn't let me use the email because it said that the email had already been used - it sounds like some parents may already have a duolingo account.  I'm wondering if it might be possible to get an alternative email address that I can use to register those children.    


Rest assured all children accounts have a unique username that they chose and a password  so no real names are used.  As classroom teacher I'm able to set specific work and tasks, monitor progress and generally direct the programme.


Mr Lister

Curriculum Map - Autumn 2nd half term

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